South German Korea

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South German Korea
  • English:[North DUtch Korea] Error: {{Lang}}: text has italic markup (help)
    German:[Süddeutsches Korea] Error: {{Lang}}: text has italic markup (help)
Motto: unsere Heimat, unser Land (Our home our land)
Anthem: "Volkslied" (German)
National march: Hope of Warriors
Largest citySeojjog
Official languagesGerman
GovernmentOne-party state
• Head of State
Antonius Bergsman
• Premier
LegislatureThe Bundestag
• Independent from the United States
• Estimate
Time zoneCST

The SGK, commonly known as South German Korea (German: Süddeutsches Korea) is a self-proclaimed and unrecognized micronation located in the United States. The micronation is fairly recent (declared 20 January 2022) and has 1 resident, with Antonius Bergsman. The founder, and eternal President Antonius Bergsman proclaimed himself Great Leader of the SDK. He established South German Korea (SDK) and it was inspired by North Dutch Korea Antonius is founder of the North Korean Micronational Movement (NKMM) as he proclaimed 'a North Korean republic'. And is the founder of the 'Republic of Kunstatu'


South German Korea was founded in January 2022 by Antonius Bergsman, who later founded the Reformed States of America. Thus he is Leader of both nations. South German Korea was derived by his favorite country, the Federal Republic of Germany and decided to mix 'South Korea' in the name. Bergsman is Great Leader of the SDK. It is run by the National Democratic Party of Liberation (NDPL) however the government that rules The SDK is a communist democracy as proclaimed by the Great Leader. The media is state ran and it refers to itself as 'The Mixed Korea'. After the creation of the RSA, he became more focused on the RSA which dissolved on 25 January, however the SDK will be a private project and the Republic of Blair and the Reformed Democratic Republic of North Korea will be known.