Southminster ROC

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Southminster ROC
Motto: TBC
Anthem: TBC
File:Great Britain
CapitalThe Hatch
Largest cityBorder Valley
Official languagesEnglish
Demonym(s)ROCist, ROCer, ROCian
• Presidents
Kenny Harber, Sam Park, Matthew Dean
EstablishmentFebruary 2011
• Census
CurrencyGreat British Pound
Time zoneUTC

Southminster ROC (pronounced Southminster Rock) is a british micronation founded in February 2011 by three friends in Southminster, Essex, England. The nation will claim to be an official Micronation on the 1st of March 2011, a flag, emblem, motto and anthem will then be chosen and the three friends will all be co-presidents.


Southminster ROC was founded in February 2011 by Kenny Harber, Sam Park and Matt Dean after Kenny and Sam were told that the village they lived in had an underground bunker. They had a look at it with their friend, Matt and claimed the hill above the bunker as their own country, Southminster ROC. The Bunker is located just down a small lane on the outskirts of Southminster, Essex opposite a quarry.

History of the Bunker

The Bunker was opened in 1959 as a Royal Observer Corps that would test the radiation levels above ground if a nuclear bomb was dropped. The people inside would survive and carry out other tests as well, 30 feet underground (they thought that would be enough to survive a nuclear bomb back then). The Bunker was shut in 1968 and was never really used. The hatch has bben welded shut and there is now no entry into the Bunker.


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The 2 main sports in Southminster ROC are Football and Dustball.


Football is the mian sport of Southminster ROC even though all matches are played outside of Southminster ROC as there is no room there to play football. The Southminster ROC national football team is the only football team in the nation.


Dustball is a sport proposed by Kenny Harber. It is supposed to be like football except the ball is covered in dust and the matches will be played at the ROC.


More coming soon