Sovereign City of Prudens

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Sovereign City of Prudens
Coat of arms
Motto: "Build, Blast, Battle"
Anthem: "Inno Nazionale della Repubblica"
File:United States, Bir Tawil, Antartica
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentFeudal Monachy
EstablishmentOctober 5, 2017
• Census
CurrencyPrudenite Dollar (&), USD
Time zoneUTC - 07:43

The Sovereign City of Prudens or just Prudens is a micronational city-state based in a landlocked enclave inside the United States. The city-state was founded on October 5, 2017. It is somewhat similar to early European city-states but has modern political and social aspects.


The name Prudens comes from the Latin word fore wise, as the average IQ at the time of its creation was 124.


Before Prudens

There were 2 very short lived micronations that existed prior to Prudens, Urland and New Brundwhick, with Urland lasting 6 months and New Brundwhick only lasting around 80 days. New Brundwhick was the most developed of the two, which had a small economy and a currency that was backed by silver bullion.

Early Prudens

On October 5, 2017, Prudens was founded. In the next week after that, a flag was designed, territory annexed and a national currency finalized. This stage in Pruden's history was followed by 17 days of inactivity until minor reforms were made to the Prudenite government.


The Sovereign City of Prudens is an Feudal Monarchy, with several royal positions each with varying amounts of political power. Prudenite citizens are given land and other such amenities in exchange for service either if it be military or civil.

Royal Positions

Feudal Doge: The Feudal Doge is the highest title available. The Doge is the central monarch of Prudens and is tasked with leading the people and weeding out any potential corruption. Other Roles include, designating laws, managing government income, and voting on Vassals The title is passed on to an heir designated by the Doge.

Vassal Lord: A Vassal Lord acts as a governor of a designated region. Vassal Lords are elected through the Lords of the People and the Feudal Doge and are granted a term of 12 years once elected.

Lord of the People: A Lord of the People is tasked with voting for Vassal Lords and representing the people in the lawmaking process. A Lord of the People is democratically elected and remains in power for 6 years. there is a maximum of 10 Lords of the People per region.

Honorary Lord: The title of Honorary Lord is bestowed to a person who has amassed large amounts of land or wealth or to a person who has served in the military for an extended period of time. The title gives no political benefit and is more of a social status. The title can be passed on to a descendant or person chosen by the title-bearer after death.


Prudens's economy is very small, with bitcoin mining and foreign aid being the main sources of national income. Prudens practices free market policies with the hope that it will boost the economy. As of October 9, 2017, Prudens's GDP is &1,470,653 ($147.06) and has GDP per capita of &735,327 ($63.53)


The national currency of Prudens is the Prudenite Dollar (&), pledged to $0.0001 U.S. and is backed by small amounts of gold and silver bullion. The design is based on early banknotes of Prudens

Picture Value USD Value
Fractional Notes
&500 $0.05
&1,000 $0.10
Full Notes
&10,000 $1.00
Titan Notes
&500,000 $50.00
&1,000,000 $100.00

Foreign Relations

Prudens has no formal relations, but is a member of the Union Against Micronational War

Prudens recognizes the following micronations:

External Territories

Prudens has small claims on both Marie Byrd Land in Antarctica and Bir Tawil. The 2 territories are both less than 12 meters in area, but are still under Prudish Jurisdiction.

External Territories
name image size
OAT (Antarctic Oversees Territory) Prudens 11.5m²
Bir Tawil Territory 1.36m²