Sovereignty and Self-Determination Convention

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Sovereignty and Self-Determination Convention
Screenshot of the convention
Screenshot of the convention
Ratified08 May 2023
Date effective08 May 2023

The Sovereignty and Self-Determination Convention is an international convention aimed at recognizing and supporting all forms of countries, including network-states, micronations, and nation-states. The convention promotes the self-determination and cooperative development of signatory nations, fostering a network of mutual cooperation beyond traditional diplomatic treaties.


The convention was initiated by His Majesty, Kevin I, King of Blazdonia, who recognized the diverse nature of nations and the need for a supportive framework to enhance cooperation and development among different types of countries. The Kingdom of Blazdonia, as the original signatory, played a key role in formulating the convention's objectives and principles.


The main objectives of the Sovereignty and Self-Determination Convention include:

  • Recognizing and legitimizing all forms of nations, irrespective of their size, structure, or international recognition status.
  • Fostering cooperation, sharing knowledge, and exchanging best practices among signatory nations to promote their mutual development and growth.
  • Facilitating dialogue and collaboration between network-states, micronations, and nation-states to foster mutual understanding and respect for each other's sovereignty.
  • Supporting the self-determination and autonomy of all nations, enabling them to pursue their unique paths of development and governance.


The convention was initially signed by the Kingdom of Blazdonia, represented by His Majesty, Kevin I, King of Blazdonia. Aspirant signatories to the convention are required to have foreign policies and recognition policies that align with the principles outlined in the convention. This includes recognizing all forms of nations, as defined in the convention.

Original Signatory

Subsequent Signatories


To implement the objectives of the convention, signatory nations establish a cooperative support network aimed at sharing resources, expertise, and guidance. Regular conferences, forums, and working groups are organized to facilitate dialogue, exchange ideas, and foster collaboration among the signatory nations. The convention emphasizes respect for each other's sovereignty, territorial integrity, and political independence, discouraging interference in internal affairs. Disputes among signatory nations are to be resolved peacefully through negotiation, mediation, or other agreed-upon mechanisms.

Amendments and Withdrawal

Amendments to the convention may be proposed by any signatory nation and require the consensus of all signatory nations for adoption. Signatory nations have the option to withdraw from the convention by providing written notice to the Secretariat, indicating their intention to do so.

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