Soviet Republic of Corsa

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Soviet Republic Of Corsa
Flag of Soviet Republic of Corsa
Coat of arms of Soviet Republic of Corsa
Coat of arms
Motto: "Land of the free, land of the civil"
Other languagesEnglish
• President
Establishment30 May 2022
• 2022 census
CurrencyCorsian vik
Time zoneUTC+0 (GMT)
Calling code+44


The Republic of Corsa was established on the 30 May 2022.

This day within the nation was a progressive one. On this day, there was a vote on same sex marriage and all voted in favor of it, this expanded diversity.

We had also elected our Ex Vice President Jaxk which is an amazing addition to our nation

This day would be just the beginning of something amazing to come and is yet to still improve every day.

31 May 2022

This was a truly historical day in Corsa we had granted one of our brave men knighthood in our nation, with this knighthood he is seen as a nationwide hero as the knighthood is for only the best of the best within our nation.

Also during this time we had a nation wide vote to legalise weed, it was voted weed would be legal within our nation for 18+

1 June 2022

This day we had made a new flag for our air force.

3 June 2022

On this day we have made many allies with over nations and made our new coat of arms and made an army flag for our brave men who will be severing in our army

4 June 2022

3 new political parties started on this day and with this we had a nation wide vote to see which one would be running the republican party had won the vote with 46% of the votes going to their party

Foreign Relations

Nations with formal relations

The following nations are those of which signed an official treaty with Corsa to establish diplomatic relations.

Recognised States

These are nations which Corsa officially recognised but never established relations with.

Location and Geography

Located macronationaly in the United Kingdom

National Holidays

These are the holidays of The Republic of Corsa

  • January 1 New Year's Day
  • February 2 Groundhogs Day
  • March 22 St. Patrick's Day
  • April 1 April's Fool's Day
  • First Sunday of April Easter
  • October 31 Halloween
  • December 18 Force Day
  • December 24 Christmas Eve
  • December 25 Christmas Day
  • December 31 New Year's Eve
  • Soviet Uprising 25 June


This is our currency system. It is made up of the Vik and 1 Vik converts to £1 or $1


On the 12th June the Rhine Empire Declared war.

On 20th War ended.

Political Parties

These are the political parties.

Name Goals
Republican Party of Corsa (0%) , add laws that prevent injustice, I will create obligational orders to improve balance to our micronation as much as possible. There will be many products that are similar if not identical to other nations except that are environmentally as well as economically positive to our reputation and our country. This micronation "Republican party or Corsa", will strive to be a good party for the micronation and people.
Conservative Party of Corsa (1%) We are going to be an active party meaning more government activity & we can help the government progress as I already own a micronation and have experience. We will make the nation progress by passing laws and help build an economy
Progressive Centrist Party of Corsa (2%) We strive to be an active party that will help the economy grow and help make our nation stronger through better equality among the people.
Communist Party Of Corsa (96%) We will bring the best out of Corsa