Soviet Socialist Republic of Dallingrad

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The Soviet Socialist Republic of Dallingrad
(ru) Советская Социалистическая Республика Даллинград
Coat of arms
Motto: "Electus de multi!" Latin for "Chosen from many!"
Anthem: Men of Dallingrad
[[File:Norfolk, UK|frameless|upright=1.15]]
CapitalSt. Nicholas
Largest cityBallidtitle
Official languagesEnglish, Russian, Dallin
• Premier
Ewan Whitmore
Establishment27th March 2010
• Census
CurrencyDallingrad Dollar
Time zone[UTC]
Preceded by
New Russia
This nation is a member of the Friends Alliance

The Soviet Socialist Republic of Dallingrad is a Micronation, founded on March 27, 2010, just like the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya. It commonly known as SSR Dallingrad or the DSSR. Ewan Whitmore is the Premier of SSR Dallingrad. It is known for its rare animal, known as the Orange Shuck (a dog), and its bleak muddy ground.

Dallingrad scores 1.75 on Matthew's System of Human Rights classification.


The Micronation's name is derived from the city of Stalingrad (now Volgograd), which was located in the Soviet Union now Russia.

This is a map of SSR Dallingrad showing the area it covers.
The old flag of SSR Dallingrad


Early months

SSR Dallingrad (then known as New Russia) was founded on the 27th of March, 2010 just like DES Senya by Dictator Ewan Whitmore. The nation was founded after a friend (Barnaby Hands) had introduced Ewan Whitmore to Micronations. Ewan Whitmore was insipred by two things in the creation of his Micronation, Sealand and the USSR. Another friend of Ewan Whitmore's also jumped on the bandwagon a few days later. Edward Hunt founded New Pambia. Each Micronation drew its borders on the program Google earth. For a few more months New Russia was active and mainly all it did in this time was expand and fall into arguments with Pambia over the area it controlled. To stop future arguments Edward Hunt came up with the friends alliance. But soon after Ewan Whitmore and his friends grew tired of Micronations and forgot them.

Discovery of MicroWiki and Resurrection

After months of inactiveness Ewan Whitmore was reminded of Micronations by Barnaby Hands after stumbling over its borders on Google Earth. Barnaby Hands decided to bring back DES Senya and Ewan brought back New Russia but did no longer like the name so changed it to SSR Dallingrad. SSR Dallingrad was born. The next week Barnaby Hands showed the Dictator MicroWiki.refreta which the Dictator was pleased with. It took him a while to join MicroWiki due to needing parental advice which really annoyed him. But after a week of waiting he joined. However he had some teething problems with the site and made a mess of his article. But luckily a user called Anton helped him out. The next day Ewan Whitmore and Barnaby Hands went over improving the page at school. Soon after the improvement he started getting alliances.


For more info visit: Guist War

From then on, SSR Dallingrad became bigger and bigger in the MicroWiki sector. However soon problems began to emerge. A new micronation emerged called St.Mills. This Micronation was made by Shane Mills who Ewan Whitmore had disliked even before Micronations. He had made this Micronation just to annoy Barnaby. But luckily Ewan and Barnaby reported him and he was warned which stopped him for a while. Then MicroWiki moved. Ewan and Barnaby were happy and not much had gone badly until the 21st of November when Shane founded the new MicroWiki and made a new Micronation called Guist. And to show Barnaby he was on the new MicroWiki he * vandalised the page. This made Barnaby very angry so he declared war on Guist. SSR Dallingrad and People's Republic of Pambia joined the war. The war finally came to an end when Aldrich Lucas banned all of the trouble makers.

Current state

Since then SSR Dallingrad has joined many organisations and has blog. On the 5th July 2010, it changed it's name from CR Dallingrad to SSR Dallingrad following discussions between Ewan Whitmore and Joseph Puglisi. There is also drafting of a new currency under way and should be ready by the near future.


SSR Dallingrad has had no parliament since it was dissolved on the 3rd of May 2010 due to inactiveness, and the Micronation is ruled by the PremierEwan Whitmore. He has complete rule of the country, like all dictators, and dissolved the government because a small minority of the government disagreed with how SSR Dallingrad was run.

Law and order

SSR Dallingrad's laws are like many other nations with murder, theft, rape etc., all being cimes. It has a prison called Kenalium which is open to the elements and can hold two criminals, although it has been vacant ever since its founding.

Foreign relations

The Soviet Socialist Republic of Dallingrad allows all Micronations that wish to obtain diplomatic relations with it that privilege, unless denied by the Dictator, Ewan Whitmore. Below shows a list of Micronations that Dallingrad has relations with. If the nation's name is in bold, that nation and Dallingrad have signed a treaty declaring formal relations. If the nation is part of the Friends Alliance, their name is written in italics.

Visitors to SSR Dallingrad

Very few Micronational leaders have ever stepped foot inside SSR Dallingrad. Only one leader has ever officially visited it;


SSR Dallingrad does not have a permanent army. The Military runs on a completely voluntary force which would come to arms if the country was invaded.

Though is has but only one firearm in its army (a nerf gun) it tries to keep neutral, but at one point in nearly went to war with New Pambia. The reason for this is New Pambia tried to claim land which was too close to SSR Dallingrad. Both Dictators Ewan Whitmore and Edward R Hunt had meetings about this problem which normally fell into heated arguments. It was only when DES Senya intervened and told both Micronations to shrink down did the conflict end.

The Orange Shuck

The Orange Shuck is a large animal that walks the national park of SSR Dallingrad, it is often spotted because of its red wheaten colour. Some times it is spotted near the capital but rarely ventures near it. The Orange Shuck eats anything but is favourites are chicken, lamb, beef, cheese, peanut butter and marmite. This image shows the Orange Shuck at quite a young age. The people of SSR Dallingrad love him dearly so give him toys as gifts.

The Wellington National park

SSR Dallingrad has only one National park which is Wellington park. It was opened on 1 November 2010. It got its name from how muddy the ground gets when it rains. It is mainly flat land but has a few bushes, which behind is home to an oil storage tank which is off limits. It is also home to Kenalium. It is home to lots of wildlife like the Orange Shuck (which can be heard calling almost every morning), a breeding pair of blackbirds, two Rabbits, many Common birds and hedgehogs have been spotted near the perimeter.


The capital of SSR Dallingrad is St.Nicholas it is located just next to Wellington National Park it is only just smaller than Ballidtitle which is the other side of Urbanised area. St.Nicholas is home to the Dictator's office. Ballidtitle is known as the city of entertainment because it has many attractions like a T.V., Xbox 360, Wii and DVD player. Between them are Dall which is a small town and Magz. Also there is the industrial town of Tyrieon which has many resources and is also home to the nations armoury.

Friends Alliance

On the 15 November 2010, the Soviet Socialist Republic of Dallingrad formed an alliance with Democratic Environmental Society of Senya and People's Republic of Pambia. The three now share international links as well as recognizing each other as independent states

Plans for the future

SSR Dallingrad plans to have a new currency in place by the near future. However it is still in its early stages.


SSR Dallingrad only has one award at the moment and that is a Senyan award. SSR Dallingrad won friendlist nation. Ewan Whitmore also got an award for friendliest non-Senyan.

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