Space Program of the USLSSR

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Space Program of the USLSSR
Space programuslssr.png
Official logo

Affliation USLSSR

Next Planned Lanuch Summer 2011

Motto "The Sky's the Limit"

Flights 0

Establishment November 19, 2010

Aims Low Atmosphere Flying

The Space Program of the USLSSR was created by the President at the time (Alex Ulbricht) and the General Secretary (Rory Krenz). It aims to launch a craft into the lower atmosphere in the name of the Union of South London Soviet Socialist Republics. A series of videos are planned to be shot of the craft which take flight, the government believe that it is the first such attempt at low atmosphere flight by a micronation.

Project Vasily

Project Vasily is to be the first stage of the entire program, more like a testing ground for later attempts at low atmosphere flight than anything else, however if low atmosphere flying can be achived within the timeframe of the Vasily rockets then it will be done. The project is named in honour of the Red Army sniper Vasily Zaytsev as he preformed great acts in the defence of his nation and played a role in the eventual downfall of Nazi tyranny.

Vasily-01 - "The Red Spear of the Proletariat" - To be constructed with the next six - seven months by soviet scientists, with thoughts toward a launch during the summer of 2011. Vasily-01 will a "rocket kit" to give the team working on the program a chance to get to grips with rocketry.

Vasily-02 - "Hammer" - To be simmilar to Vasily-01, a model updated and adapted to deal with any issues that are found with Vasily-01

Vasily-03 - "Sickle" - No plans yet made for Vasily-03 but it will be a progression from Vasily-01 and 02