Spainsia Republic

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Spainisa Republic
República de Españasia
and largest city
Fort Prince
Official languagesEnglish
Protestantism (State Religion)
GovernmentUnitary Semi-Presidential Republic
• President
Colin de Spainsia
LegislatureBicameral Parliament
Council of the Republic
House of Representatives
• Republic Formed
3 February 2022
• Constitution Ratified
9 February 2022
• 2022 estimate
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft

The Spainsia Republic (also known as Spainsia) is a self-declared sovereign state known as a micronation to outsiders. The nation is a Semi-Presidential Republic founded on 3 February 2022. The nation is new and is still developing so only has a small population.


Foundation (3 Febuary 2022 - Present)

The Spainsia Republic was founded on 3 February 2022 by the first President, Colin de Spainsia.

During this period the nation and government was founded. Other aspects of the nation are still in development.

Government and Politics

The Republic is a Semi-Presidential System. The Spainsian Head of State is the President of the Spainsia Republic with the Head of Government being the Chancellor of the Republic.

Government of the Republic

The National Government is organised as a Bicameral Parliament with the upper house as the Council of the Republic and the lower house being the House of Representatives.

Political Parties

Spainsia Political Parties
Party Leader Ideology(ies)/Political Leaning
Spainsia Nationalist Party Colin de Spainsia Centre-Right


Currently, Spainsia has no official foreign relations and doesn't have any specifically outlined requirements for diplomatic relations, however the Republic is open to diplomatic relations.


Currently, Spainsia has no valued economy, as well as currently having no official currency.

Culture & Society

National Symbols

The main Symbol of the Nation is the Spainsian Flag.


The state religion of Spainsia is Lutheranism, a Protestant denomination. However Spainsia supports freedom to practice any religion.


The Republic is defended by the Armed Forces of Spainsia. However the Republic is opposed to conflict and values diplomacy over conflict.

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