Speaker of the Assembly (Glorosia)

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Speaker of the National Assembly
StyleMr/Madam Speaker
TypePresiding Officer
Member ofNational Assembly
NominatorNational Assembly
Formation28 January 2023
Unofficial namesAssembly Speaker

The Speaker of the National Assembly, commonly the Speaker of the Assembly or Assembly Speaker, is the presiding officer of the National Assembly.

The speaker presides over the Assembly's debates, determining which members may speak. The speaker is also responsible for maintaining order during debate, and may punish members who break the rules. Speakers are required remain strictly non-partisan and renounce all affiliation with their former political parties when taking office.

The speaker does not take part in debate or vote except to break ties.


The assembly speaker is appointed formally by the President of Glorosia. However, before an appointment is made the National Assembly goes through rounds of voting to decide on a candidate to nominate. Whomever wins an outright majority in the assembly wins the nomination to the president.


Presiding Officer

The speaker's primary function is to preside over the national assembly. The speaker is the highest authority over the national assembly and has final say over how its business is conducted.

During debate, the speaker is responsible for maintaining discipline and order. The speaker maintains order during debates and other sittings of the assembly. If members do not follow instructions, the speaker may punish them by demanding that they leave the assembly for the remainder of the day's sitting. In addition to maintaining discipline, the speakers must ensure that debate proceeds smoothly.

Casting Votes

If votes are precisely evenly split in the assembly, the speaker is then granted to cast a tie-breaking vote. As a result, they are occasionally allowed to be partisan in certain circumstances if it means a decision is reached in the assembly.

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