Starlander Republican Guard

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Starlander Republican Guard

Flag of the Starlander Republican Guard
Motto: A Nation Divided Cannot Stand
Motives To serve, protect, and defend the Union of Starland
Marches Starland Republican Guard - March of the Union

Wartime March - March to Victory (to tune of Jedi Temple March)

Established September 21, 2011
Country Starland
Nickname The Star Troopers
Sub-branch Ministry of War and the Armed Forces
Commander-in-Chief His Excellency Prime Minister Nik Hart
Commander of Military Operations Field Marshal Star McKinley
General information
Main Headquarters Star City, Star Military District
Active personnel 7
Standard weapon Airsoft BB Gun

The Starlander Republican Guard (SRG) is the official military and defense force for the Union of Starland. The SRG, unlike its predecessor, is a peacekeeping force that is used for national security missions, defense, and other military exercises. The Prime Minister is the Commander-in-Chief of the Republican Guard but cannot make or declare war without the approval of the Parliament. The Prime Minister is Minister of Homeland Security and Minister of War and the Armed Forces. However, under Martial Law, the Commander of Military Operations (CMO) of the SRG is Supreme Commander but must abide by strict guidelines set by the Prime Minister. The SRG consists of and is trained in both ground, naval, and special operations with an inventory of airsoft BB Gun rifles and a few boats with access to local water tributaries.


Starland Armed Forces

Starlander Armed Forces (2009-2011)
Starland Army (2009-2011)
Starland Navy (2010-2011)

SRG originated back when Starland was known as Star Nation. At the time, there was only one branch and that was the Star Army. It was formed on September 20, 2009, almost a month after the nation was founded. His Royal Majesty King Nik I was Prime Minister of Star Nation and General of the Star Army. Both the nation and the Army were only an Internet micronation and little less than a nuisance on a popular message board. On September 22, 2009, Star Nation called in the Star Army in an attempt to contain rebellion. When the attempt failed, civil war broke out. The war would be fought in two parts and would end in victory for the rebel separatists, whose own nation would fold two weeks later. But it still struck a serious blow to the Star Army and to the nation. The Prime Minister and General would continue to serve the nation until December 13, when HM Queen Star I abdicated and left for exile for unknown reasons. The Prime Minister and General were left in charge and resigned from both positions. Soon after accepting the Crown, HRM King Nik I dissolved the Star Army and would create the Royal Army and soon after the Royal Navy to form the Royal Armed Forces. The Royal Armed Forces saw two non-confrontational wars, both simultaneous. On February 22, 2010, Starland declared war on the Supreme Council for the Restoration of Democracy, the military junta of Niger. A few weeks later, the nation entered the Molossian-East German War on the side of the Republic of Molossia. Starland withdrew from the war three weeks later without having any confrontation whatsoever. A month later, on April 29, the Starland-Niger War ended. The RAF saw very little action with the exception of a few domestic squabbles. The RAF was on high alert for most of July 2010 with the Erusian Civil War and the Soviet-Starland Conflict and fought the one and only battle in the Starlander Civil War. On September 10, 2010, the Royal Armed Forces became, simply, the Starland Armed Forces or Federal Armed Forces. The Armed Forces entered the Atlantis Civil War on September 18, 2010, after the AnarchoCommunist National Liberation Army unprovokingly attacked the loyalists. Originally, the Army was all that was involved before former Prime Minister Hunter called for the Navy's involvement. On September 20, the Armed Forces entered the Pacific Front of the war and divided the Armed Forces into two battalions. On October 3, Prime Minister Elmo called for the end of the Armed Forces involvement in the European Front and relieved the Navy from active duty. On October 7, the Prime Minister declared the termination of military involvement entirely in the war. The military was involved in three more conflicts, War for Alhedreo Independence, Starland Revolution, the Emerald Isle Revolution, and the Second Starlander Civil War. On September 20, 2011, the Starlander Parliament passed a measure dissolving the Armed Forces and creating the Starlander Republican Guard.

Engagements of the Starland Armed Forces

Star Nation Civil War (22 Sep-17 Oct 2009)

Starland-Niger War (22 Feb-29 Apr 2010)

March War with East Germany (10 Mar-30 Mar 2010)

Starlander Civil War (6 Aug-14 Aug 2010)

Atlantis Civil War (both fronts) (18 Sep-7 Oct 2010)

Starland-Berryessa War (26 Nov-28 Nov 2010)

War for Alhedreo Independence (Army of the Starland Pacific Legion) (14 Dec-15 Dec 2010)

Starland Revolution (28 Jan-3 Feb 2011)

Emerald Isle Revolution (23 Mar-26 Mar 2011)

Second Starlander Civil War (4 Jul-18 Jul 2011)

Pacific Legion

On December 7, 2010, the Starland Armed Forces joined with the Kozuc Armed Forces and the Istorian Armed Forces to create the Pacific Legion. The Starland Army became the "Army of the Starlander Pacific Legion" and the Navy became the "Navy of the Pacific Legion". The Pacific Legion was dissolved on January 9, 2011, and the Starland Armed Forces were reborn.