State Ministry (Pacem)

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State Ministry
Ministry overview
Formed10 July 2020
Jurisdiction Pacem
Minister responsible

The State Ministry is the cabinet-level ministry responsible for the internal affairs of the State of Pacem and is headed by the State Minister. The ministry was established following the passage of the 2020 Constitution on 10 July 2020, with Connor Stumperth being the inaugural minister, being appointed 27 July 2020 following the 2020 I executive election.


The State Minister is responsible for:

  • State censuses
  • Licenses
  • Elections


The State Ministry was originally a Monarch-led government agency meant to handle citizenry, censuses, and elections.[1] Following the passage of the 2020 Constitution, it was split from the Monarchy and was able to be up to the appointment of the First Minister. It was originally going to be granted to Conservative Ahmad Jamshaid, however, due to his inactivity, it was granted to Connor Stumperth.


Name Party Image Term of office Government Monarch
Vacant 10–27 July 2020 None Nicholas I
Connor Stumperth WAA 27 July 2020 Incumbent Munroe I


  1. Imperial Decree IXV (VOIDED) Pacemian Archives, retrieved 19 August 2020