State of Elbonia

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State of Elbonia
Staat Elbonia (German)
Sℸ ̣ ᔑℸ ̣ ᒷ 𝙹⎓ eꖎʖ𝙹リ╎ᔑ (Minecraftian)[1]
Flag of Elbonia
Motto: "Versteht, Kampf, und für Vaterland !"
The Red Line on this map is a Current Border.
Largest cityBerg
Official languagesGerman
Ethnic groupsGermanien
ReligionNorthern Paganism
GovernmentUnitary dominant-party Parliamentary confidence constitutional republics
Position abolished
Position abolished
State Council
• Established Elbonia
24 June 2021
24 June 2021
• Jesus Christ was killed by the Jews, coming the Original Messiah's
22 September 2022
22 September 2022
• 2021 estimate
22 Villagers (include Zombie Villagers)
GVA (PPP)estimate
• Per capita
2 Emerald Mark
GVA (nominal)estimate
• Total
18 Emerald Mark
HDI (2021)Steady 0.650
medium · 129th
CurrencyPapier Mark (ℳ)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Drives on theright
Calling code+43, +62
  1. Elbonia is establish itself, no one courage to colonization it
  2. Minister State are had Supreme and Ceremonials inside Government

The State of Elbonia, simply known as Elbonia (Minecraft Java Seeds : -7551575554074829009), was an independent state established by GeorgTheGlorious, and as him became the first Minister State, and his friends, Markus became the first Deputy Minister State that he serving as President of Elbonian Parliament.


Etymology The name "Elbonia" comes from the term word name "Boom", because Wars, there's so many Creeper at Night and "El" is term from El Nino (Great Dry Nature Disasters), till now the term "Boom" and "El" are unite and became term of "Elbonia". Until now, this Minecraft version of the state micronized seed has been inaugurated since June 24, 2021 and is legally recognized as the Micronized State version of Minecraft, a Sandbox platform game.


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