State of Hokoria

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State of Hokoria
Flag of the State of Hokoria
LocationTarn, Hokoria
CapitalKojima Island
Official languagesEnglish, Pig Latin, Scots
Recognised national languagesItalian, French
GovernmentBenevolent dictatorship
• Head of State
Aaron Ross
• Foundation
11 March 2023
• Independence
31 March 2023
Time zoneUTC0 (Hokorian Single Time (HST))
• Summer (DST)
UTC0 (Hokorian Single Time (HST))
Hokoria does not alternate between summer and daylight saving times
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideleft

The State of Hokoria (Pig latin: Tatesay ofay Okoriahay, Scots: State o’ Hokoria), known more commonly as Hokoria, is a micronation located within Yeadon, a town in West Yorkshire, England[1]. The state was founded on 11 March 2023[1] and is not officially recognised by any sovereign states.


The name of the State of Hokoria originates from the Japanese word for pride, hokori a. This is a direct link to Founder, Willow Cizdeizd I's ambitions to "create a Hokoria we can all be proud of".

The "State of" classification allows differentiation between the State of Hokoria's predecessor, Old Hokoria. Old Hokoria was formerly known as 'Hokoria'.


February 2023 - March 2023

Following Willow Cizdeizd I's proclamation of Old Hokoria's dissolution on 14 February 2023 for mental health reasons, the Secret Monarchist State of Hokoria was founded.

The Secret Monarchist State of Hokoria was a closed micronation that was founded in order to have freedom from external interference. Following a period of inactivity, the State of Hokoria was founded to succeed ‘’’Secret Hokoria’’’.

March 2023

The State of Hokoria was founded on 11 March 2023 by Founder, Willow Cizdeizd I as a benevolent dictatorship. Following it's foundation, the Central Government of Hokoria was founded to be the public governing body that oversees the State of Hokoria.

April 2023

April Fool's Day

On 1 April 2023, the Office of the Head of State released a YouTube video titled "Disollution of Hokoria" where Founder, Willow Cizdeizd I can be heard to claim that Hokoria has surrendered to the Tsardom of Som[2].

The Central Government of Hokoria had previously claimed that operatives from the Tsardom of Som were attempting to spy on the State of Hokoria and cause disruption to it's 'WeAreHokoria' Discord community.

Dogfish Conflict

On 5 April 2023 the Tsardom of Som attacked a state with close relations to the State of Hokoria[3]. The Kingdom of Westspillen's Discord server was attacked "for it's relations to Hokoria" according to the raiders.

The Office of the Head of State (of Hokoria) released the following statement in response:

Today, a new ally of the State of Hokoria has been attacked. We stand closely with our allies in the Kingdom of Westspillen. It is important that in times like this when outside forces are attempting to tear us apart, that we do the opposite. This has only made Hokoria's relations closer and stronger.

It also declared the Tsardom of Som as an 'anti-Hokoria group' rather than a state[4].

Following a number of attacks and attempted attacks on other states with relations of the State of Hokoria, the State of Hokoria introduced the 'hokgov' service that acted as a vetting security system for the Discord servers of at-risk states. It was later discovered that the Kingdom of Westspillen had pre-existing relations to Bog Soma[5], which the leader has denied.

The Tsardom of Som officially withdrew from the conflict on 16 April 2023, declaring Hokoria as an extremist and terrorist organizations[6]. The Central Government of Hokoria had called for a withdrawal since 8 April 2023. Operatives of Bog Soma have since claimed that the conflict is the result of Hokoria's LGBTQ+ community.

Government and politics

Central Government

The Central Government of Hokoria is the main governing body of the State of Hokoria[7]. It consists of 6 branches that are each managed by the Head of State, the Chancellor, a Branch Officer or a Director. The branches of the Central Government of Hokoria are the Office of the Head of State, the Office of the Chancellor, Department of the Interior, Department of Culture, Office of National Records and the Office of Economics. Overall, it governs the entirety of the State of Hokoria at a national level.

Logo of the Central Government of Hokoria

Foreign Relations

Diplomatic operations are overseen by the Foreign Service, a sub-branch of the Office of the Head of State[8]. The State of Hokoria participates in formalised foreign relations with 3 other states, whilst recognising a total of 57 micronations including all member states of the Grand Unified Micronational and 14 others[9].

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