States of Cedarnia

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The states of Cedarnia are semi-autonomous feudal grants which hold jurisdiction over their territory and retain their individual rulers. The ruler of the Duchy of Strom is the Prince of Cedarnia, while the Ruler of the Duchy of Urschurburg is the second-highest noble. Bishoprics are independent states which only retain secular loyalty to the Prince. Marches, excluding Fleiße, are subordinate to either the Duchies of Strom or Urschurburg.

Flag Name Population Ruler
Strom flag.svg Strom 2 William I
Urschrburg flag.svg Urschrburg 1 TBD
Antoni flag.svg Antoni 1 TBD
Cuglier flag.svg Cuglier 2 William I
Fleiße flag.svg Fleiße 1 TBD
Strom-Fleiße flag.svg Strom-Fleiße 1 William I
Urschrburg-Riss flag.svg Urschrburg-Riss 1 TBD
Urschrburg-Sidde flag.svg Urschrburg-Sidde 1 TBD