States of the Federated States of Antarctica

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The Federated States of Antarctica is comprised of seven states and one federal district.


Flag State/Territory name Postal Type Capital Claimed area Total area Provisional Governor
Alyeska AY State Hillcrest 4,183 24,000 David Powell (Acting)
Amundsen AM State Amundsen City 3,431 400,000 Aaron Mantell
Capital District CD Federal
Terra Nova 12 12
East Antarctica EA State Amery 3,093 2,100,000 Devon Moore
New Swabia NS State Shackleton 1,676 1,200,000
Palmer Land PL State Ellsworth 897 650,000
Polaria PO State Hillary 384 800,000
Victoria Land VL State Darwin 1,341 600,000 Kyle Seddon

Etymology of the States

State name Language of origin Word of origin Meaning and Notes
Alyeska Aleut "Object towards which the action of the sea is directed".
Amundsen English, Norwegian Named after Roald Amundsen (the first man to reach the south pole).
East Antarctica English, Latin East Antarctica (land opposite the Arctic).
New Swabia German Schwabenland via Neuschwabenland Calque of Neuschwabenland, which in turn was named after Swabia (Schwabenland).
Palmer Land English Named after Palmer Land, which was named after Nathaniel Palmer
Polaria Latin "Land of the pole"
Victoria Land English Victoria Named after Victoria Land, which gained its name from Queen Victoria