Station Bank

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Station Bank
HeadquartersSantiago do Sacramento
Established11 October 2019
Ownership100% state ownership
DirectorJosé, Duke of França
Central bank of Kingdom of Quinta Velha
CurrencyConferential Doubloon
CSD (ISO 4217)

The Station Bank (Portuguese: Banco Estação) is the Central Bank of Quinta Velha. It is linked to the Ministry of State of the National Treasury, being the main agent and regulator of assets and also of the financial system of Quinta Velha.

Its main function is to act as a bank of last resort and the country's representative before international financial authorities. It is also responsible for managing the circulation of the Conference Doubloon together with the Conference of Santiago Financial Authority.

With the National Reserve, Station Bank forms the Quinta Velha National Financial System.


The Bank was founded on 11 October 2019, when Quinta Velha was still the Lordship of the Lands of Santa Rita de Cássia, by Thomas I. The Bank was founded to regulate the circulation of the national currency, the Line, which was created to guarantee national sovereignty in financial transactions and, gradually, replace the Brazilian Real in the daily life of the population.


Despite having well-designed functions, Station Bank had a timid role in Quinta Velha, as the implementation of a micronational economy did not go according to plan and the Brazilian Real continued to be in effective circulation in the country's financial transactions, relegating the Line to the background.

Relation with the Conference of Santiago

On 02 August 2020, the Conference of Santiago created the Conferential Doubloon and the currency was promptly adopted by Quinta Velha, to insert the country into the economic integration of the Brazilian sector. Station Bank is the authority responsible for regulating and managing the circulation of currency in Quinta Velha.

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