Statutory Thection

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Statutory Thection
EstablishedNovember 1st, 2011
JurisdictionUnited Federation of Thag
LocationTerminal Court of Thag
Authorized byConstitution of the United Federation of Thag
Term length4 years (Supreme Justice)
Supreme Justice
IncumbentAlex Schrank
SinceNovember 1, 2011
Term endNovember 1, 2015

The Statutory Thection of the United Federation of Thag is responsible for the enforcement of the Constitution, the UFT FREEDOM Act, and all Citizen Actions passed by the Citizen Thection and the evaluation of their constitutionality. It is also tasked with the archival and preservation of information pertaining to Thagian government, culture and affairs. Seats on the court are appointed by the Supreme Allied Commander of the Joint Thagian Forces under advisement of the International Thection's ministers. There is one seat on the court per Citizen Square, plus the Supreme Justice who is elected in a national popular vote for a four year term.

Notable decisions

There have been no decisions of note by the Statutory Thection since its inception.


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Picture Name Position
1. Alex Schrank Supreme Justice
2. Aaron Robeson Justice of Eucleides