Subejian Civil War

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Subejian Civil War
Datec. 2020 – 28 February 2021 (1 year, 2 months)
Subejia (mostly in Bandar Diraja)

Inconclusive, status quo ante bellum

 • February Revolution started
 • Dissolution of the Democratic Kingdom of Subejia
 • Establishment of the Democratic Republic of Subejia
 • King Act enforced

2020 – 2021:
Democratic Kingdom of Subejia

Neo-communist forces:

Taqim Union (until 2021)

Subejia Democratic Republic of Subejia

Supported by:

Taqim Union (after 2020)[b]

2020 – February 2021:
Democratic Kingdom of Subejia

Commanders and leaders

Democratic Kingdom of Subejia:
Azwariq Qadri (King of Subejia)

  • Puteri Shamie (Puteri Subejia)
  • Mohd Salleh (King of Subejia)

Democratic Republic of Subejia:

Subejia Azwariq Qadri (President of Subejia)

Taqim Union:

Mustaqim Surrendered

The Subejian Civil War was a civil war fought in Subejia between the Democratic Republic of Subejia (formerly known as Republic of Subejia) and the Democratic Kingdom of Subejia. Formerly, the Democratic Kingdom of Subejia was fought the neo-communist of the Taqim Union and the Democratic Kingdom won. After a few days later, Azwariq Qadri take revenge on the Democratic Kingdom.


The Democratic Kingdom of Subejia (formerly known as Kingdom of Subejo), fought Taqim Union and the Democratic Kingdom won. Unfortunately, Azwariq Qadri take revenge on the Democratic Kingdom.


Operation Razif

The operation was attempted to establish the Republic of Subejia. The operation was failed because the Republic of Subejia didn't establish in that time. As a result, the operation was cancelled and failed to the Republic of Subejia.

Operation Razif 2.0

The second attempted operation was also to coup the Democratic Kingdom. The operation was also failed because in that time, Azwariq was attempted to attack Mohd Salleh. As a result, the second operation was largely failed.

February Revolution

The revolution was started by the enactment of the King Act. The act was made for King of Subejia to "resign"[c] as the leader of Subejia but they still can be a king. After the enactment of King Act, Azwariq Qadri re-declared independence of Subejia after a few delays on 28 February 2021.


The civil war was attempted to abdicated the King of Subejia. The civil war was like the French Revolution, which is in the same situation. The King Act was abolished due to de facto dissolution of Subejia. The Democratic Kingdom was abolished and its successor, Democratic Republic was established and the civil war was ended.


  1. Azwariq Qadri attempted to establish but failed.
  2. Taqim Union didn't supported the Democratic Republic, Taqim Union joined the Democratic Republic.
  3. In this context, means abdication.