Sublime State of Turan

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Sublime State of Turan
دولت علیّه توران
Dowlat-e Âliyye-ye Turân
Flag of Turan
Motto: أشهَدُ أَنّ عَلیاً ولی‌ُّالله
I bear witness that Ali is the friend of God
Royal anthem: Salâm-e Shâh
Official languagesClassical Arabic (Religious)
Kipchak (Court)
English(Lingua franca)
Recognised national languages
3 languages
(Hanafiyyah Maturudiyyah)
GovernmentHereditary Islamic caliphate
• Shahanshah
HIM Padishah Daniyal Khaan
• Başbuğ
Hasan Çakar
• Grand Vizier
Chase Mahoning
• Declaration of independence
11 September 2011
• 2020 estimate
• 2021 census
CurrencyDirham (TUD)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy (AH)
Driving sideleft

The Sublime State of Turan (Ottoman Turkish: Devlet-i ʿAlīye-i Turan, Hasani: Turan Yüje Devleti), colloquially known as Turan, is a self-proclaimed state with territorial claims situated across the Greater Middle East region. Gurkaniye has been described as a micronation or an alternative government by external observers due to its lack of international recognition and the minimal control over the regions it holds territorial claims upon. Gurkaniye is the successor state of Hasanistan, which re-organised into the Gurkani state on 10 March 2022.[1]

Turanis a culturally Turco-Persian nation-state and regards itself as the successor state of the Timurid Empire, with itsruling dynasty claiming to be a descendant branch of the Timurid dynasty. Islam is the predominant religion of its citizenry and the state religion, having proclaimed itself as a caliphate with Sharia as its legal system. The state promotes Hanafism as the predominant school of jurisprudence and Maturidism as the predominant school of theology ("Aqidah"), while the Naqshbandi order is the state and royal Sufi path with the Caliph being initiated as a legitimate sheikh.

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