Sumaya Ilmi Guled

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Sumaya Ilmi Guled

At an open session of the St.Charlian Parliament
April 23, 2009
2nd President of the St.Charlian Parliament
Assumed office:
January 5, 2009 - November 1, 2009
Preceded by: James Lunam
Succeded by: Magnus de Armis
Personal information
Born: 26 September 1993 (1993-09-26) (age 29)
Macronationality: Italian
Micronationality St.Charlian
Political Party: National Party of St.Charlie
Residence: London, United Kingdom
Religion: Muslim

Sumaya Ilmi Guled, (26 September 1993 - ) was a St.Charlian journalist. She was the second President of the St.Charlian Parliament from January to November, throughout most of the Ist Legislature until the Legislative Elections of October 2009.

She was elected President of the St.Charlian Parliament on the 5th of January 2009. Ilmi Guled has been the first female St.Charlian politician and Speaker of the Parliament elected in the Federal Republic. She was removed from office in November 2009 after the beginning of the IInd Legislature. She is remembered for the open meeting of the St.Charlian Parliament of the 23rd of April 2009.

Her contribution to the St. Charlian Government such as the admission of the English language in the Parliament and her signature on the Branson Act 2009, which was also on behalf of the whole St. Charlian Parliament, and therefore, the most significant one, made her one of the most influential members of St. Charlie.

Preceded by: President of the St.Charlian Parliament Succeded by:
James Lunam 5 Jan 2009 - 1 Nov 2009 Magnus de Armis