Supreme Court of the Southeast Asian Micronational Association

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The Supreme Court of the Southeast Asian Micronational Association is the organisation's judicial branch. It's led by the supreme justice. The Court is assisted by the registrar.

The court has jurisdiction over all cases of SEAMA law, and any case of international law where every party consents to the Court's jurisdiction. The supreme justice is elected by Quorum every four months.

Currently, the Supreme Court was brought the United Republic of Flopge to trial over "shortening the greetings", which is that is not in the Charter.[a]

Supreme justice

The supreme justice's office is one of the most powerful and prestigious in the organisation. It's a post which can be seen a stepping-stone to becoming Chair, with one supreme justice going on to become Chair immediately following their term. This is moreso the case than even the vice-Chair of the organisation.

No. Portrait Name Country Term of office Notes
Took office Left office Time in office
AzwariqQadri.jpg Azwariq Qadri Democratic Republic of Subejia 6 January 2022 1 March 2022 54 days De facto supreme justice (during the election)
1 SEAMA's Logo.png Ezra Union of Ezraia Socialist Republic 1 March 2022 24 October 2022 237 days
Prasetia Arms.svg Manggala Alif Prasetia Republic of Zarkyiv 24 October 2022 1 January 2023 69 days Acting supreme justice[b]


  1. Han Raya Empire accused the United Republic of Flopge for shortened the greetings even though its not in the Charter.
  2. The vote of no confidence against Ezra resulting Manggala to be sworn in as acting supreme justice.