Supreme Executive Commissioner of Eniarku

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Supreme Executive Commissioner
of the People's National Executive Committee
Aaron Meek
February 15th, 2010
Residence None official
Term length Life tenure unless resigns, dies, or impeached
Inaugural holder {{{inaugural_holder}}}
Formation February 15th, 2010
Website None

The Supreme Executive Commissioner of the People's National Executive Committee, or much more commonly known as simply the Commissioner, is the official Head of State of the Democratic People's Republic of Eniarku and the head of the national executive. Also known officially and most commonly as the People's President, the Supreme Executive Commissioner is often seen as the leader of the nation. The Commissioner is not elected, but serves a life term. The existing Commissioner may always resign or be impeached as well. Since February 15, 2010, the Supreme Executive Commissioner has been Aaron Meek.

Powers and duties

The role of the Supreme Executive Commissioner is only vaguely defined in both the constitution and in national law. This is likely intentional on the part of the ruling Eniarkian Worker's Party, in order to ensure it's Politburo retains political power if a Commissioner was ever deemed too extreme or too weak to successfully fulfill their duties to the satisfaction of the Party. The Commissioner is the head of the Executive branch of government and as such is concerned chiefly with the development of national policies, as well as providing general leadership and political direction - it is the Commissioner who serves as "helmsan of the Eniarkian ship", subject to course changes by the Worker's Party but otherwise granted freedom to diret the affairs of the nation as they see fit. They also freely appoint standing members to the Politburo, allowing them to determine the makeup of the ministerial cabinet without scrutiny.

One of the most important responsibilities of the Commissioner is the management of foreign relations - the Commissioner works diligently with the Executive Commissioner of Foreign Affairs, although they cannot sign any binding treaty or declare war on a nation without legislative approval. Internally, the Supreme Executive Commissioner works closely with the Premier to develop and work out the implementation of national government policy. As is the case with all offices, the authority of the Commissioner remains subject to the authority of the Eniarkian Worker's Party.