Supreme Governor of the Church of Albia

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Supreme Governor of the Church of Albia
Luke I of Albia

since 12 June 2022
General Synod of the Church
StyleHis Majesty
Member ofChurch of Albia
Reports toGeneral Synod of the Church
Term lengthLife Tenure
Inaugural holderLuke I of Albia
Formation12 June 2022
First holderLuke I of Albia
DeputyCardinal of Alba

The Supreme Governor of the Church of Albia is the titular head of the Church of Albia.


The office of Supreme Governor was established on 12 June 2022. It was established alongside the Church of Albia by the first office holder and Albian Monarch Luke I of Albia.


The role of the Supreme Governor includes:

  • Appointing the Cardinal of Alba
  • Appointing other Senior Ministers
  • Ordaining Some Ministers
  • Attending General Synod Meetings


The Supreme Governor is a title held by the Monarch of Albia in their role as Head of State. As a result of this the office is passed down when a monarch ascends to the throne.

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