Supreme Governor of the Church of Arbya

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Supreme Governer of the
Church of Arbya
Flag of Arbya and the Church
Oswald I

since 4 July 2023
StyleHis Majesty
AbbreviationSupr Gov
Member ofChurch to Arbya
Term lengthLife Tenure
Inaugural holderOswald I
Formation4 July 2023

The Supreme Governor of the Church of Arbya is the head of the Church of Arbya. It is a position held by the Monarch of Arbya. The office was established on 4 July 2023 and is largely ceremonial but still relevant to the church's role and the monarch's authority.


The office was formally established by the constitution. It was established on 4 July 2023. Initially it wasn't going to be established, but the decision was taken to establish the role and it was written into the constitution. The role was established after the Archbishop of Arbya was.


The primary role of the supreme governor is to appoint high-ranking members of the church, including the Archbishop of Arbya. The role is mostly ceremonial and has some ceremonial duties with the church - which can be seen during high-profile events such as coronations.

List of Supreme Governors

Supreme Governors of the Church
Officeholder Term
Oswald I 4 July 2023 - Present

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