Supreme Judge of Koss

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Supreme Judge of the Supreme Court of Koss
Juiz da Suprema Corte de Koss
Leon Frajmund

since 1 May 2012
StyleMister Supreme Judge
Term length3 months
Inaugural holderLeon Frajmund
Formation9 January 2012

The Supreme Judge of Koss was the main representative of the juridical faction of the Grand Duchy of Koss, he was the chief judge of the Supreme Court of Koss. He was appointed at Grand Ducal nomination with the Royal Council approving such.


As defined by the Structure of Government Act: The Supreme Judge was the head of the Kossian judiciary branch, being so the Supreme Authority of the court system of the Nation. The Supreme Judge was responsible for:

  • Guaranteeing the fairness and unbiasness in every trial conducted throughout the Kossian State.
  • Presiding trials and impeachments against the Grand Duke, the Royal Chancellor and/or the Council Minister

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