Supreme Leader of Votara

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Supreme Leader of Votara
Lukas Knight

since 19 October 2022
Supreme Leadership Authority
StyleMr Supreme Leader
TypeHead of State
AbbreviationSup Ldr
Term lengthLife Tenure
Inaugural holderLukas Knight
Formation19 October 2022
First holderLukas Knight
DeputyPrime Minister of Votara

The Supreme Leader of Votara is head of state and highest office in the Votaran Reich. The Supreme Leader delineates the general policies of the state, supervising the legislature, the judiciary, and the executive branches.

Functions, Powers and Duties

  1. Delineation of the General Policies
  2. Supervision over the Proper Execution of the General Policies of the Systems
  3. Appointing the Prime Minister
  4. Appointing Other Cabinet Ministers
  5. Issuing Decrees for National Referendums
  6. Supreme Power to Veto Any Law Passed by Parliament
  7. Ability to Declare War and Make Peace
  8. Resolving Conflicts Between Branches of Government
  9. Appointment of Supreme Court Justices and the Chief Justice

List of Officeholders

Supreme Leaders of Votara
Name Term
Lukas Knight 19 October 2022 - Present

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