Swedish Party (Ebenthal)

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Swedish Party
PresidentThe Baron of Sommerlath
Founded12 April 2023
Headquartersw:Stockholm, Sweden
IdeologySocial democracy
Nordic model
Green politics
Civic nationalism
Swedish integration
Political positionCenter to center-left
House of Councillors
3 / 15

The Swedish Party (Swedish: Svenska Partiet, Portuguese: Partido Sueco), originally called Nordic Party and known by its Portuguese initials as PS, is a Swedish nationalist centrist Ebenthali political party which advocates greater participation and representation of citizens of Swedish origin (and more broadly of Scandinavian origin) in the politics of Ebenthal, where Swedes form the third largest national group after Brazilians and Americans. Ideologically, the party aligns with the Scandinavian political tradition of social democracy, the so-called nordic model.


Since his accession to Ebenthali politics in August 2022, Rupper Ruschel already aimed to create a party in order to represent his Swedish ethnic-cultural group in Ebenthal politics, dominated by citizens of Brazilian origin. After becoming Prime Minister as a member of the New Democratic Party, Ruschel was attacked for his foreign background and was unable to employ citizens of Swedish origin in your office. Convinced, then, of the need to form his own party in order to increase Swedish representation in national politics, on 12 April 2023, after just over four months in government, Ruschel left the New Democratic Party, which lost the majority, resigned from his position as Prime Minister and founded the Nordic Party, which later had its name changed to the Swedish Party.

At its founding, the Swedish Party spent a few months away from day-to-day politics. Ruschel, as President of the party, was able not only to unite citizens of Swedish descent, but to attract more Swedes to apply for citizenship and join his party, which will contest elections for the first time in October 2023.

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