THE S.S.A.M-Meow Friendly Pact

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THE S.S.A.M-Meow Friendly Pact
[[File:{{{image1}}}|125px|border|Flag of THE S.S.A.M-Meow Friendly Pact]]
Official languagesEnglish
Establishment5th of july 2014

The "THE S.S.A.M-Meow Friendly Pact" is a pact made by The Sovereign Republic of Meow and S.S.A.M on 5 July 2014.


The pact was offered to The Sovereign Republic of Meow by the president of S.S.A.M Ata.It has been accepted and has started afterwards.

Some Simple Rules of It

It should be safe It shouldn't break the real laws The both nations will help each other in desperate times Unbreakable(For now,if the rules are broken,you can break the pact)