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TVI News
Berita TVI

TVI News opening sequence (2014)
Genre News
No. of episodes 9
First air date as KistanNews - July 2011
as News at 21 - January 2012
as TVI News - May 2012
Channel TVI
General Information
Picture format 4:3 SDTV
Distribution YouTube

TVI News (Berita TVI, first known as KistanNews and News at 21) was the news program broadcasted by Television of Indokistan and for the first time broadcasted in July 2011 under the title "KistanNews". It was published on 9 editions spanning over period from June 2011 until July 2014. Despite Indokistani dissolution in 2016, all of the editions currently still available on TVI channel on YouTube.

TVI News was highly-regarded by Indonesian micronational community as the best news program in the sector, as Television of Indokistan was the only TV channel to successfully broadcasted news programs consistently for period of years. Beside The Indokistan Times, TVI News also became the most reliable information source on Indokistan for the intermicronational community.



Newly-launched KistanTV was commissioned to create a news program in order to support the process of publishing information from Indokistan to the micronational world. After several weeks of planning, the first edition of KistanNews was published in 7 June 2011. It was poorly received, because of contributors inexperience to create such a program and its bad recording quality.

After the failure, all contributors were retrained which causing the news program to not to not to be published until August 2011, when the second edition of the news program were relaunched. The second edition was warmly received, because of its improvement and its stark contrast with the first edition, and also with the first usage of KistanTV watermark on the video. The news program used "KistanNews" name for three editions, before it was replaced by "News at 21" on January 2012.

News at 21

Media reorganisation took place in Indokistan on January 2012.[1] After public poll, KistanNews name were replaced by "News at 21", reflecting broadcaster intention to publish the news program on date 21 every month. The first edition of relaunched News at 21 was published at the same time, and was warmly received by viewers.

With only one published edition, News at 21 was the least-used title of the new program, compared with its predecessor (KistanNews) and successor (TVI News). It was partially caused by Indokistani government decision to shut off the television in a period of hiatus from March until April 2012. Internal audit reported that 3 scheduled editions of "News at 21" were failed to enter production because of the hiatus.

TVI News

Editors from Indokistan News Network later lose interest to create a date-oriented program, which causing them to decide to replace the name of the program. Another public poll on April 2012 showed that "TVI News" were the most popular name voted by viewers (among other proposed title, such as "TVI Telejournal"), and was taken as the new name for the news program.

First edition of TVI News were published on May 2012 and gained positive reviews. Until suspension of broadcasting activities as effect of Indokistani dissolution in 2016, there were 5 episodes published under "TVI News" name. Starting from 2014 edition, the news program abandoned its in-vision reporter and live studio, instead relying on narration and voice-over report, taking example from EuroNews presentation.


From August 2011 until November 2011, when the last 2011 edition were broadcasted, the news program used "WCBS 1978" theme that lasted for 30 seconds. On January 2012 after media reorganisation, it was later changed to "ITN 1999" theme, that was longer than the previous theme because it also featured news headlines in the intro. From May 2012, TVI News program uses "RTL Nieuws" theme intro, before replacing it with shorter "Zeit im Bild" theme intro in 2014. As those theme were not locally made, its usage sometimes caused copyright warning on YouTube.


Date Main topic Features Link to video
7 June 2011 Initial plan for the national flag found
Indokistan Airways Flastraad-Moscow route connected
- Link
24 August 2011 Indokistan government recognizes Nameless after confrontation
September election preparation
First census took place
Weather Forecast
Imsakiyah time
15 November 2011 Completion of the first constitution
Adoption of New KistanRupiah
Weather forecast Link
21 January 2012 Constitutional amendment proposed
Government charity event
Weather forecast Link
22 May 2012 Restoration of activities after hiatus
Indonesian micronational conference in Los Bay Petros
Micronational headlines
Weather forecast
October 2012 President Abdul Rasyid I attacked
Bilateral meeting with Raflesinesia
Weather forecast Link
December 2012 Changes on Indokistan administrative division
National consensus delayed
Weather forecast Link
12 May 2014 Sultan Aziz I paid money demanded by Arabistan rebel
Constitutional amendment passed
New policies on KistanRupiah
- Link
25 July 2014 State leaders meeting in Suwarnakarta
Market socialism adopted as official economic basis
Indokistani position on Israel-Palestinian conflict
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