Taigh a Bata Flood 2010

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The Taigh a Bata Flood occured on the 22nd of September 2010. It resulted in a lot of damage and emergency changes to the government in Taigh a Bata and Pipeland, with both governments declaring a state of emergency.


On the way home from school, the President of Taigh a Bata, Scott Harwood, noticed that the roads were flooded and that water was washing over the bridges on the road. Within ten minutes of arriving home, a tree lodged under the main road bridge in Pirnmill, effectively closing the road. A short while later, the President wondered if Taigh a Bata may be affected. To cut a long story short, Taigh a Bata was, and the damages are listed below:


  • State of Western Alltgobhlach - part of the land around the public toilets has been washed away, leaving the gound in the vincinity of the toilets unstable. The toilets have now been taken away by the British Government, and the border in the Western State has been closed.
  • Pipeland - the Pipeland Bridge has been washed away, leaving no suitable link between the north and south sides of the Allt Gobhlach.


The following changes have taken place due to the flood, and also budget cuts:

  • Pipeland has been completely disbanded
  • Pipeland has become part of the State of Western Alltgobhlach
  • The Northern County of Western Alltgobhlach has merged with Northwest Island to become the State of Central Alltgobhlach
  • The currencies of Pipeland and Northwest Island have folded, and the main currency is now the Taigh a Bata Dollar