Taigh a Bata Transport

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Taigh a Bata Transport
Asi akirir tu ti (Here to get you there)
Headquarters: The Bedroom, Republic of Taigh a Bata
Established: 31 May 2011
Leader: Scott Harwood
Service provider: Republic of Taigh a Bata

Taigh a Bata Transport, also known as TAB Transport was planned to be the first company in the Republic of Taigh a Bata to offer transportation services for both passengers and freight. When Taigh a Bata was abolished, so were the plans for TAB Transport.

Livery and service

It was expected that TAB Transport will operate primarily in Taigh a Batan, owing to an up-coming language initiative. English would still be used for those who have no understanding of the language, however.

Each vehicle would have a Taigh a Bata flag painted on to it wherever it is possible, in addition to the logo.

Below is the first draft of the livery applied to a Ford Transit Connect van: