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Latest comment: 11 March 2019 by People's Republic of Phokland
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Need a foreign minister?

Hello, so I just recently became a citizen of Barbettia and was wondering if you needed or would like a Foreign Minister. If so, I would like to recommend myself for the job. I have a plethora of past experience in this field, including:

Current Foreign Minister of the Tsardom of Phokland

Current Foreign Minister of the New Eiffel Union of Micronations

Former President of the Empire of Lanzantonia

Current Monarch of the Tsardom of Phokland

Former Prime Minister Elect of the Principality of Domanglia

Former Lead Ambassador of the Republic of Bonumland to the U.S.

As you can see, I have a vast portfolio of experience and I believe that I could be a great asset to you and the empire. My job would be as follows: I would advertise the country and be in charge of signing and drafting treaties of friendship and recognition with other nations (e.g. getting us recognized and making friends), represent Barbettia in global conferences (in regards to foreign relations) and help to sift through citizenship applications and corporate/foreign immigration and trade forms. Basically, I believe that by appointing me as Foreign Minister, I will be a useful and loyal member of government for a long time to come.

Thank you, HIM Charles A. Ross

--People's Republic of Phokland (talk) 01:32, 11 March 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]