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To better understand Capricornia and the Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands, let me quote from the FM starting page[1] as follows:

"Due to their historic development since the 1980's, the Federated Micronations are a hybrid structure in several ways. Similar to a typical micronation, symbols of state like flags or stamps have been designed and printed, and a certain level of interaction between the F.M. and other Micronations takes place."

"On the other hand, the history and territory of the F.M. is only loosely bound to the world generally seen as the "real" one - the history contains biographic elements, and the territory is loosely mapped on a certain Central European country. The major historic and present politicians of the F.M. have no "real world" incarnations, and yours truly has never assumed any "head of state" title, only taking on temporary diplomatic service roles when required. In that way, the F.M. are more like a story than a micronation.

The highly federalized structure of the F.M. has developed over the years and was caused by diverging political ideas and thoughts, giving them room to develop. Biographic elements play an important role here, too. The active foreign policy of the State Departement, using Declarations, Reports and Unilateral Recognitions, is fueled by thoughts about the "real world" developments of the last decades."

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