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Bradonia is interested in this purple cult, perhaps is there anyway me and my great monarch can join?

Good afternoon! Yes, sure thing! Just to know : do you have a faster way of communication, so we can easily talk about this?

@Violetist Bishopric of Anchor - 10/02/2022 // 21:55

Right!!, you can contact me at, I'm always bound to respond quickly! @HGM Brady Griffin - 12/02/2022 // 12:09c

Alright, I will send you an e-mail around this evening! I will tell you when it's done! Excuse me for being a bit slow for it.

@Violetist Bishopric of Anchor - 15/02/2022 // 09:47

It's done! You can check your email adress now!

@Violetist Bishopric of Anchor - 16/02/2022 // 02:10

Email has not been received, I might have typed it wrong, so here it is again just for reference Very sorry. @HGM Brady Griffin - 15/02/2022 // 20:53

It's okay :) The mistake might have been coming from me, I don't know. So I've re-send it just one minute ago. I hope you will be receiving it soon! @Violetist Bishopric of Anchor - 16/02/2022 // 14:20

We accept the offer of ownership

It is I the HolyBradonicVioletChurch, and we under HGM accept new ownership of the Holy Violet Church

Relinquishing and Reorganizing of the Holy Bradonic Violet Church

I as regal sovereign of the Kingdom of Bradonia, acting within the best wishes of the micronational community, hereby relinquish the right to use the "Holy Violet Church" name. Our nation has wrongfully infringed upon the right of the nations residing within Occitania. The church shall undergo various reforms starting instantly, we hereby terminate all usage and union with the Holy Violet Church; we hereby relinquish the right to use the Holy Violet Church name and furthermore hereby relinquish the right to use traditional Holy Violet Church name.

Our nation has for since the end of time, possessed an undying love for violets, however it is not right of us Bradonias to interfere with the Occitanian Church, and as such we will undergo reform that will not be desired to the HVC, however by doing this, it will make a clear picture that they and they alone are the sole owners of the church, not us, so as of now, the Holy Bradonic Violet Church shall be dissolved and replaced with a Bradonic Violate Provisionalte.

Take care of the Holy Violet Church such as others have before you, and keep the violet legacy going, until then take care

Sincerely His Royal Majesty, Brady Wilten-Iontavich Griffin