Taras Oliynyk

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Taras Oliynyk
Governing Commissioner of Chersoneses
In office
1 June 2020 - 13 March 2022
Monarch Jonathan I
Predecessor Office established
Successor Mykolai Olinynk
Personal information
Born 1994
Died 13 March 2022 (aged 27)
Citizenship  Austenasia
Residence Austenasia Chersoneses, Austenasia
Religion Orthodox Christian
Military service
Allegiance w:Ukraine Armed Forces of Ukraine
In service February - March 2022
Battles/wars Russian invasion of Ukraine
Awards Austenasia David Cross (posthumous)
State of Vishwamitra Royal Vishwamitran Order of Merit, Commander 1st Class (posthumous)

Taras Mykolayovych Oliynik (1994 - 13 March 2022) served as Governing Commissioner of Chersoneses, a Crown Dependency of the Empire of Austenasia, from 2020-2022. Oliynyk was also a citizen of Ukraine, and was killed in combat during the Russian invasion after being conscripted in defence of the country. This marked the first time that an Austenasian had died since the foundation of the country in 2008.


Taras Oliynyk held a Master's degree from Lviv Polytechnic National University in Documentation and Information Activity. He worked as a staff training and development specialist at Kyivstar.

Oliynik held the title Count of Beloozero in the Principality of Montescano, which was ruled by his first cousin Prince Dionisiy. On 27 January 2020, he joined the right wing Optimates faction in the Principality.

Taras and his father Mykolai both became Austenasian nationals upon the annexation of their home as Chersoneses on 1 June 2020. The new claim was annexed in part due to the circumstances surrounding the end of the May 2020 political crisis in Austenasia. With the resignation of Prince Dionisiy as Prime Minister of Austenasia and the secession of several large areas of land from the Empire, the Prince arranged for Taras to claim Chersoneses for Austenasia both as a gesture of goodwill and in partial "compensation" for the land claims that would be leaving.

Taras Oliynyk was appointed Governing Commissioner of Chersoneses, which consisted of the home in which he and his father lived, as well as a large nearby non-contiguous area of farmland. As the governing commissioner of a crown dependency, Oliynyk administered Chersoneses autonomously from the central government.

On 12 June 2020, Montescano transitioned into Pavlov, of which Oliynyk remained a citizen. He was appointed Count of Taurica in Pavlov on 13 August 2020, with the style of "His Illustriousness".


Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Oliynyk and his father were both drafted into the Armed Forces of Ukraine on 22 February 2022. On 9 March, the Austenasian government was informed that Oliynyk was receiving treatment after having suffered a serious gunshot wound in battle. He died from his injuries on 13 March, in the evening.

Oliynyk's death was received with shock and horror both within Austenasia and throughout the wider community. Emperor Jonathan I released a broadcast the following day, paying his respects to Oliynyk and announcing an eleven day long nation-wide period of mourning to end with a minute’s silence at 6pm local time on 24 March.

Although not a member of the Austenasian Armed Forces, Oliynyk was posthumously awarded the David Cross - the highest ranking military medal bestowed by the Empire, for "acts of the greatest heroism, courage or self-sacrifice in the name of duty during warfare" - by Lord William Wilson in his capacity as a Counsellor of State. Oliynyk is the first person to have received the David Cross since its establishment in May 2009. Another posthumous military honour was bestowed by the State of Vishwamitra on 1 August 2022, with Oliynyk appointed a Commander First Class of the Order of Mahabali Karthika Padaka.

On 11 June 2022, an Austenasian Book of Remembrance was established by Jonathan I, "to honour and preserve the memories of those who have died who were of importance to Austenasia and its people". The Book of Remembrance was established by an Imperial Edict which names Oliynyk as one of the three deceased individuals - alongside the Emperor's two grandmothers - whose memories inspired the creation of the Book.

On 15 April 2023, in conjunction with the 15th National Day of Vishwamitra, Oliynyk was posthumously bestowed the Commander 1st Class of the Royal Vishwamitran Order of Merit by Rashtradhyaksh Dhrubajyoti Roy in recognition of his role in safeguarding and protecting his motherland in wake of the Ukraine-Russian crisis.