Team Time

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Team Time

Team Time shown in red, Northern Group in yellow.
Establishmentc~ 2000
• Census
Preceded by
Succeeded by
w:United Kingdom
The Mohawks

Team Time was a very small pre-micronational group which existed between about 2000 and 2003. It was based around the digging up of fine clay in the south of Jacks Acre, and its first leader was Sebek Lark. Many leading Mohawks, such as Tom Martin and Will McCracken were members of this group, although of the two groups that formed the Mohawks, Team Time was perhaps the poorest and weakest. The Northern Group was an allied group from c.2000 to 2003, although occasionally they fought wars against one another.


Team Time was founded circa 2000 in Jacks Acre, as part of a major migration into that area. It had begun to develop its economy in dust mining almost immediately and due to the high amount of pieces of pottery found in the hole, they called their faction Team Time, in reference to Time Team, a popular UK show. By 2002, they had elected Sebek as a leader, and had a small number of skirmishes with the Northern Group. However, in 2003, both Team Time and the Northern Group came under attack from barbarians, and so they confederated and formed The Mohawks.


Team Time's economy was based around the digging up of fine clay, which was sold for a few pence to the local factions who were constantly at war with each other. The dust was used to disorientate and confuse enemies. Team Time produced nothing other than this fine dust, which was dug using sticks.


Team Time operated through the citizen soldier, a fundamental in the Den World. All members fought for the state whenever they were called upon, but also had civilian duties such as digging the holes that made Team Time what it was. It was a relatively weak armed force, as they fought with no weapons, only with their fists. This was the first military service of the group's main members Sebek Lark, Thomas Martin, Will McCracken, Sam Colgrave and Daniel.