Telesphore Bartolomee

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Telesphore Bartolomee
Primate of Holy Violet Church as Hyacinth
In office
24 December 2020 - 7 March 2022
Predecessor Juan (undirectly)
Successor Daniel
Luminorian Minister of Cults (Gov. Paladan II)
In office
26 June 2021 - 1 September 2021
Predecessor Office Created
Successor Maximilien Marat (as Director of Cults)
Editor-in-chief of L'Illuminé
In office
14 February 2022 - 7 September 2023
Predecessor Battidis Youstonne
Successor Last holder
Director of Cults (Bureau Lefebvre IV)
In office
15 March 2022 - 13 April 2022
Predecessor Maximilien Marat
Successor Office abolished
Emeritus Primate of the Holy Violet Church
In office
7 March 2022 - 6 May 2023
Predecessor None1
Personal information
Born 3 May
Birth name Telesphore Bartolomee
Citizenship French (Since 2001), Luminorian (2020-2023)
Residence France
Religion Christian Catholic

Telesphore Bartolomee was a Luminorian journalist, musical artist (as Pèir'Cussions) and politician. He is best known, in the public micronational arena, for being the third primate of the Holy Violet Church in the name of Hyacinthe, as well as the one who relieved it. He had a brief political career into the Luminorian government. Into the luminorian sphere, Telesphore is known for being the last historical citizen to enter the micronation.

Violettism (2020-2023)

First steps

Telesphore Bartolomee begins his carrier in micronationalism in 2020, with the foundation of Pontifical State of Malvania. This micronation was the first form in which the micro-cult of Violettism was planned to be restored. Apart from the "Declaration of Independence" document, it didn't go farther, and the project was cancelled.

Pontificate (2020-2022)

On 24 december 2020, Telesphore Bartolomee refounds Holy Violet Church and became its third Primate in the name of Hyacinthe. He founds Brokenjoy-Dog Saint Seed Sanctuary and he canonised five Violettists Saints. Hyacinthe was also known, in one of his few public micronational appearances, to "support" the Kingdom of Graustark-Dawsbergen into the Dracul-Graustarkian Affair. He wrote the sole violettist encyclical, named Colgut Coma Divessa.

Emeritus (2022-2023)

After his demission at function of Primate of Holy Violet Church (on 7 March 2022), Hyacinth founds a Violettist monastery in Anchor. On 31 May, H.H. Amaranth wrote to Hyacinth, to announce him that his monastery would receive a pontifical approbation. At this time, and according to his will, he became the Emeritus Primate of Holy Violet Church.

On 6 May 2023, Telesphore renounces to his violettist faith, thus ending his emeritus. This act is a part of a global resolution, beginned with the dissolution of the Luminorian Republic, in which Telesphore got rid of all of his micronational links.

Luminorian career (2020-2023)

As journalist (2021-2023)

Probably in November 2020, Telesphore became naturalised as luminorian citizen. As a result, he beginned his luminorian career by contributing several times to some newspapers, making him an official journalist. On 10 March 2021, he worked for the third edition of L'Illuminé, a satirical newspaper, then for the seventh (5 May 2021), eighth (15 August 2021) and ninth (29 July 2022) editions of La Dépêche du Luminor.

On 14 February 2022, he delivers the fourth edition of L'Illuminé, which he had realised and produced in its entirety in two and a half continuous days, due to the departure of Battidis Youstonne, the former editor-in-chief of the said newspaper. The same day, he is confirmed as the new editor-in-chief. After 3 months of production (not continuously), the fifth edition of L'Illuminé is finally released, on 6 July.

As the Luminorian Republic had falled into inactivity, Bartolomee planned to work on the sixth (and final) edition of L'Illuminé. After its achievement, Bartolomee will instantly put an end to his "Redactor-in-chef" founction (which should be his last micronational function in his whole career).

On 7th September, Telesphore is publishing the sixth and last issue of L'Illuminé, several months after the dissolution of Luminor (happened on May the 3rd). As wrote above, this final act had confirmed his departure from micronationalism.

Political career (2021-2022)

Probably in November 2020, Telesphore became naturalised as luminorian citizen. As a result, he was named by Valentin-Paladan as a member of his governement, due to his election as the new Luminorian Chancellor. Because of his religious work, he was appointed to the newly created Ministry of Cults, on 26 June 2021. On this occasion, he had his sole law (Bartolomee I) transmitted to the Senate, which aimed to review the official status of religions whose practices could take place within the micronation. The adoption of Bartolomee I decreed the repeal of the Grimault II law, which opposed the combination of religious and political mandates.

He was politically credited as "Unlabelled", until the right-wing parties fusion into the "UDL" (Union de la Droite Luminorienne, in english Right-Wing Luminorian Union), which was done on 20 August 2021. He joined UDL on this day. Others rumours tells that Telesphore wanted to create his own political party, with nationalist and imperialist tendencies, inspired by Napoleonic politics.

When Luminorian State became a Republic, the Government Paladan II came to an end, and Bartolomee was dismissed from his ministery, which was converted into the "Directorate of the Cults". This Directorate was created under the foundation of the "National Assembly Office", which was aimed to function like a Government. Maximilien Marat, named Vice-President of the National Assembly (and, de jure Office's Chief) was also appointed as the first Director of Cults.

As the "Office Marat" dismissed itself on 15 March 2022 (due to the accession at the Regency of Valentin Paladan), Telesphore Bartolomee was named, into the "Office Lefebvre (IV)", as the new Director of Cults. According to the ninth edition of La Dépêche du Luminor (released on 29 June 2022), the Bureau "Lefebvre IV" has been dissolved on 13 April 2022, as as result of the resignation of Erwan Lefebvre on the same date, due to a disagreement about the Russo-Ukrainian War. This event leads to the automatic resignation of Telesphore Bartolomee from the office of Director of Cults.

Since then, Telesphore has not been involved in Luminorian politics, given that the institutions of government have stalled. The dissolution of Luminor, acted on 3 May 2023, by the Regent Paladan, confirmed this state of affairs.

Musical career (2023)

On 17 January 2023, on the SoundCloud platform, Telesphore Bartolomee releases his debut musical album Harmonie à l'envers (Harmony in reverse in french). It's a compilation of improvised songs, on kalimba and on djembe, heavily influenced by experimental and improvised music, performed by the Pink Floyd in the '60s.

Unlike most micronationalist musicians, he did not created his personal label, nor did he have his musical creation published by a "micronational publishing house". As his album was created for fun, he settled on a simple publication on the Net, through the famous sound hosting platform SoundCloud, and a MicroWiki page.

Considering the impending departure from micronationalism of Telesphore, this latter had declared that "Harmonie à l'envers" should be his sole musical album under the micronational obedience. However, the publication of other songs on SoundCloud, without being reported on MicroWiki, isn't excluded.


1. None of the Hyacinth's predecessors had entered on an official emeritus after their pontificates. Babolus and Juan are commmonly considered as "Primate emeritus", without them being officially titled as such.