Territories of Nova Senarica

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The territories of Nova Senarica are the sole geographical divisions of the Republic. There are currently five territories, Asopica, Cashouza, Deerheath, Stratdown and Whitworth, all of which were esablished in the first week of the nation's formation. The territories have no local legislative power, and are used solely as political constituencies for the purposes of the general election. However, each of the territories was founded for different reasons and by different people.


Territories of Nova Senarica
Territory Name Code Council Representative Established Founded By Population
The Territory of Asopica AS Jamie Butler 2 April 2014 Elliott Nesso 9
The Territory of Cashouza CS Owen Bookman 1 April 2014 Owen Bookman 4
The Federal Territory of Deerheath DH Elliott Nesso 31 March 2014 Elliott Nesso 3
The Territory of Stratdown SD John Dixon 1 April 2014 George Dixon 5
The Territory of Whitworth WW Sam Kelby 4 April 2014 Sam Kelby 2


Asopica is the largest Senarican territory, and was established on 2 April 2014 by President Nesso as a way to include some nearby friends in the Republic. It has a population of nine spread across two houses and two families. In the April Election, their High Council candidates were Jamie Butler of the National Party and Tommy Nunn for the Liberal Party. They both live in the territory, along with three and two other family members respectively. The two properties are located to the north of the region, while much of the south is taken up by Asopica Park.

In the early days of the DRNS, the lack of activity from Asopica meant that the President was relatively disappointed with his decision to establish the Territory, although he hopes that planned sporting reforms will help to bring them further into the fold, as both Nunn and Butler are both keen footballers - perhaps keener footballers than micronationalists. Unfortunately, this will likely do little for the poor voting turn-out, which meant that, as the two candidates received one vote each (from themselves) this seat had to go to a run-off.


Cashouza was founded only a day after the entire Senarican republic, and was named by Owen Bookman, founder of Cashouza and co-founder of Nova Senarica. Despite being disinterested to start with, Owen's older brother Si Bookman quickly warmed to the idea when he realised that it was a way to compete with his brother. At present, Cashouza is seen as a safe National seat, after Owen Bookman received backing from his parents to be the councillor.

Geographically, Cashouza is quite a large territory, consisting of both the Bookman house (to the south) and an empty property to the north, the garden of which is occasionally used for military exercises. Cashouza also occasionally hosts sporting events, usually football, and will be home to the Nova Senarica Football Association, which is expected to be chaired by Owen Bookman. It is also expected that Cashouza will serve as the meeting place for the High Council if needed.


Deerheath is the capital of Nova Senarica, despite being one of the smallest and least populated nations. It is home to President Elliott Nesso, one of the founders of the nation and the founder of his territory. It is the only nation to contain absolutely no opposition for the National Party, as it is only inhabited by Nesso, his parents and their cat.

Their property is to the north of the territory, with their garden centrally and the road to the south. Nesso, an avid cricketer himself, has emphasized that his territory is the cricketing capital of the nation. The territory's role as the capital of the nation is a largely ceremonial one, as the President is a fairly private person and does not encourage many Senarican citizens to visit. It is expected that Nesso will retain his councillorship of the capital until he retires from political life.


Stratdown, the most easterly territory in Nova Senarica, is also the most densely populated, with a family of five inhabiting only one dwelling. It also has arguably the most closely fought political scene, with the April Election being closely fought between two of the Dixon brothers - George for the Nationals and John for the Liberals. George Dixon founded the territory, but John has a better standing amongst his family and is known for being far more organised than his younger brother, and it was that which won him the seat.

Stratdown is also the home of the Senarican military, which is likely to be co-ordinated by George Dixon. The military is expected to be formalised once the High Council is elected. That said, with no other micronations known to be in the area, any kind of war is unlikely in the short term. Stratdown is not known for its natural beauty, with only a small, private garden in the way of greenery.


The Territory of Whitworth, established last of the five, has perhaps the most interesting history of them all. It was founded by Sam Kelby just two days before the elections, but he shunned any party political affiliation and stood for the election as an independent candidate, stating that he would "stand behind his own ideologies rather than sequestering the party line". He was confirmed as the Councillor for Whitworth the same day, owing to a lack of opposition from anyone else in the territory which at that point only included him and his younger sister.

Uniquely amongst Senarican territories, none of Whitworth's citizens actually live there, and it was formed by Kelby for precisely that reason. If someone is interested in joining the Nova Senarica project, but does not live close by, then they can apply for Whitworth citizenship. Whitworth is the main location for domestic football matches and for military activities, owing to the large amount of grassy land and a small electrical installation that belongs to the British government.