Territory (Leylandiistan)

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A territory is a geographical subdivision of the Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan. Unlike Autonomous Republics, territories have no permanent population, and therefore have no political representation.

Legislation and Official Classification

The Constitution defines what a territory is, and legally guarantees the existence of all territories in the country's most supreme law.

  • Article 4.1: "There will be two types of constituent territory; that of Autonomous Republic, and that of Territory"
  • Article 4.1b: "Territories will be lands without resident citizens. They will be ruled directly by the National Assembly"

List of territories

Currently, there are no Leylandiistani territories apart from the autonomous republics, however a number have been reviewed by the government:

  • Oileán na gCruach, Roaring Water Bay
  • Dursey Head, Dursey Island
  • An Loch Gorm, Gougane Barra National Park, Cork
  • An nGleann Theas, Nadd, Cork.