The Boov

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Joshua Boov
The Boov
The Boov on the Moov
In office 2017 - Present
Predecessor Kyle
Successor Currently holds position
Born 2002/2003
United Kingdom w:United Kingdom

Joshua Boov, also known as just "The Boov" is a known gangster in the United Kingdom who has, on multiple occasions, come into conflict with the Kingdom of Lytera in his attempts to create a gang in West London. Due to his attitudes and size, he has become the butt of many Lyteran and UK Jokes, further straining relations.

Early life and School

Not much is known about his early life, and much that is known is the subject of jokes. In 2014, he enrolled at the same School as Amelia I where he worked in a gang under Kyle - who would bully other students. Becoming his right hand man, it was around this time that Kyle's gang began to argue with the Jones Gang, who was run by a similarly mocked man named Harvey. It was around this time he gained the nickname of YFF (Pronounced Youth) referring to his size (You Fat Fuck) and also the name "Boov on the Move" accidentally coined by himself after mishearing a joke. Around the end of 2017, Kyle was expelled, though rumours came about that he ate him to secure his gang for himself. Arguments between Boov and Harvey picked up, with outsiders both joking that due to their respective sizes they were both descendants of Cardinal Wolsey. During this time the Boov's gang grew larger with his most famous Lieutenant "Fat Louie" joining the gang. By the end of Year 11 he was kicked out and forced to miss the last few days.

Following School

What the Boov is up to these days isn't known, though intelligence suggests he deals and also continues to ride his iconic bike. He supports the BNP and is A believer in the theory that Covid is a hoax. He is also a transphobe[1].

Recently, the LNIA claimed that, after seeing him in an interview, Lord Pickles works for the Boov. Evidence of this is still ongoing.

Gang Members

      Living       Unknown       Dead       Possible Associate

Name Nickname Rank Fate
Kyle King Kyle King
Unknown, presumed eaten by Boov
Josh The Boov Godfather Still at Large
Louie Fat Louie Deputy Leader Unknown - Controlled the Gang at school for when Boov wasn't there in 2019-20, further fate unknown
Ross Hulk Mafioso Unknown - Left in 2017
Unknown Active Mafioso Unknown - Only Evidence of existing is instagram
Louie Garvanski G4 Mafioso Unknown - Fell out of favour, presumed eaten
Ivo Garvanski G3 Mafioso Unknown
Peter Garvanski G2 Mafioso Unknown
George Garvanski G1 Mafioso Unknown
Armaan Naive Young Blood Unknown
The Abzorbaloff Peter Kay Former Leader Destroyed in 2005 when he melted into concrete, possible relation to Josh
Jabba The Mighty Former Leader Choked by Carrie Fisher, possible relation to Josh
Cardinal Wolsey Cardinal Former Leader Had a heart attack when he fell out of favour with Henry VIII
Richard Platt Big P Former Leader Died in 1600s, unknown how. Possibly the biggest man aside from the Boov.
Eric Pickles Beria Possible Associate Still at Large - Possible relation to the Boov