The Bot Farm

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The Bot Farm
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Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: Ein Roboter, jede Sprache, ein Führer
Blood Upon The Risers
Iowa, United States
Official languagesEnglish, German, Danish, Python, Ruby, C/C#/C++, HTML, Java/Java script,etc
GovernmentSociety led by bots
• Census
570 (after purge)
CurrencyChuck E. Cheese's Tokens
Time zone(UTC)

The Bot Farm is a micronation founded in 2019, based in Iowa, United States of America. The Bot Farm was formerly a Fascist state ruled by the RobotFuhrer. It now exists in a state where all citizens are ruled by the bot they assisted in developing.

"I promise this nation is entirely serious, we were not formed as a joke and excuse to drink." -Former Roboter Fuhrer Dante


The Bot Farm was started by a group of friends who enjoyed drinking and playing TCG together. It started simply with the former leader (RoboterFuhrer) and his followers developing a bot to moderate their server. However it soon evolved when the bot declared leadership and made all the citizens into disciples

Government and politics

Formerly a fascist state where freedoms were limited to none, The Bot Farm is now a utopia wherein people are granted their freedoms and are also granted a Social Score. If their Social Score goes above, or below, the expected thresholds that person is banned and all mentions of them are deleted from the server. This allows for life to continue as if the person were never there in the first place.

Social Score

Your Social Score is something that is assigned to you once you decide to join The Bot Farm by our moderation bots. You start with a score in the range of 0 < x < 50. This is to account for what you have done outside/ before joining The Bot Farm. Your Social Score will increase with each message that can be considered problematic. For instance, sending a message with a positive attitude towards pedophilia will net you the highest Social Score possible and result in an instant ban. If you wish to lower your Social Score, then it is best not to offend. However, if you allow it to drop too low by not interacting at all you will also be removed from the server due to your inactivity. If there is a reason you will not be posting for a while, please contact the admin team and they will have you added to the exception list.


Due to the Bot Farm's society revolving around Chuck E. Cheese's, the currency are the tokens that the restaurant issues.

The Purge

The Bot deemed around 100 users were needing to be purged in the wake of the New Zealand shooting. The government says they will not be missed.

The Chuck-E-Cheese Initiative

The Bot Farm's spokesman Dante "We Don't Have Enough Rope" [REDACTED] put out an announcement involving the Chuck E. Cheese's Initiative saying "We at the botfarm are aware of our growth and the urgent need for more bots to rule over people. Especially in the real world. We also acknowledge the tragic death of the American arcade, and the massive decline in quality of pizza at the remaining establishments. It is for these reasons and more that The Botfarm has decided to enact the Chuck-E-Cheese protocol and begin establishing Chuck-E-Cheeses across the land we claim and establishing the animatronics as leaders of men."


The Bot Farm has acquired other nations and citizens. The policy they have in state means that the nations/people they acquire keep their traditions but lose their names and must conform to the base laws of the nation.

Current Acquisitions:

A nation loosely based around SCPs The nation gained 354 members The state has been renamed to 'SCP: Bot-lab'