The Brechtia Colonies

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The Brechtia Colonies
Flag of The Brechtia Colonies
Anthem: Intro Song - Swiss Army Man
Location of The Brechtia Colonies
Official languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
NZ / European
  • 50% Pastafarianism
  • 50% Non-religious
Dork (informal)
GovernmentFederal Parliamentary Monarchy
• Monarch
• Chief Justice
• Total
0.000012 km2 (4.6×10−6 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2023 estimate
• Density
0.000001/km2 (0.0/sq mi)
CurrencyNew Zealand Dollar (NZD)
Time zoneUTC+12 (NZST)
• Summer (DST)
Today part ofNew Zealand

The Brechtia Colonies (also known as The Brechtan States, or simply Brechtia) was a micronation located within the New Zealand city of Hamilton. The nation was made up of two states; Matuva, located within the Student Village at Waikato University, and Leecam, located within the Wintec Apartments. Brechtia had an approximate area of 12 square metres, and a population of 2. The capital region of Brechtia was Matuva.

Formerly a bedroom within the Student Village, the capital of Brechtia was first created in February 2018 by Max, who initially declared the region Brechtia. His associate Haylee also ruled her own micronation of Leecam within Wintec Apartments. The two states quickly unified under the greater power of "The Brechtia Colonies". To avoid confusion, Max changed his state's name from Brechtia to Matuva, making it the capital.

Brechtia was a federal parliamentary monarchy, managed by Max. Each state managed their own laws and also had a seat in the Brechtan Parliament to make decisions on the national level. Brechtia also had a Supreme Court, run by Chief Justice Haylee.

Following its formation, the Brechtia Colonies continually shifted location, name, and flag. It officially dissolved in 2021 as the Republic of Mosey.


Of the 12 square meters that comprised The Brechtia Colonies, 100% of that area was located indoors, made up of two identically sized territories surrounded on all sides (including above and below) by New Zealand, with the exception of the southwestern side of Matuva, which bordered The Principality of Tarclay.