Grand Clisthenium Council

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The Grand Clisthenium Council, is the Government of Ovrestlia.


In this building, the Councils meet

When Throne Crisis I ended,Vasiliki was the new Emperess of Ovrestlia. But a part of the power of Ovrestlia have Magistros, Ministers, Princes, Grand Dukes and Counts. So, in the OCM (Ovrestlian Council Meeting), they split Council in two parts:

  • The Upper Council
  • The Lower Council

The councils

The upper council

The Upper Council includes from the:

  • Emperor/Emperess
  • Crown Prince/Princess
  • Magistros (Prime Minister)
  • Ministers of:
  1. Economy
  2. Development
  3. Diplomatic Relations
  4. National Defense
  5. Education and Creed
  6. Working
  7. Health
  8. Environment and Energy
  9. Civilization and Sport
  10. Justice and Humanity
  11. Technology
  12. Agricultural Development
  13. Victuals
  14. Tourism
  15. State
  16. Council

The lower council

The Lower Council includes from:

  • Princes/Princesses (of Principalities)
  • Grand Dukes/Duchesses
  • Counts/Countesses