The People's March

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The People's March
Anthem of People's Republic of Tiana
LyricsJoseph Puglisi

The People's March was the national anthem of the People's Republic of Tiana. Its lyrics were written by Joseph Puglisi, set to the tune of La Marcha Real.

English Lyrics

Long live Tiana!
Bask in its eternal glory,
Our red flag shall,
Ever wave above this land!
O! glorious fatherland,
We march to war for you,
Victory’s path paved with,
The corpses of our foes!
To arms, Tianans!
The people’s march awaits us,
Tianans, comrades,
We march to the battlefield!
Sing to our great land,
And all that it stands for,
Tiana, our homeland,
The people march for you!