The Renaissance of the Phoenix

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The Renaissance of the Phoenix
The short-version of the anthem in the partitoure

National anthem of Empire of Ovrestlia
MusicMatthew Hubbard, 15th May 2020
Adopted15 May 2020 (unofficially)
18 July 2020 (officially)
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(Short Version)
The Renaissance of the Phoenix
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The Renaissance of the Phoenix is a musical work, composed by Matthew Hubbard, King of Matthewopia. It created on 15 May 2020, to replace the old one, the God Save the Emperor, an anthem which was copied. It is the national and not the imperial anthem. It recognised officially on 18 July 2020.


"The Renaissance of the Phoenix" was composed in mid-May by Matthewopian composer Matthew Hubbard. It was written on music composition software MuseScore. It was first published on MuseScore's music sharing forum, and later adopted officially as the National Anthem of Ovrestlia.


The piece is written for a chamber orchestra, with parts for flute, basson, strings and a cymbal.