The Second Philippines

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The Second Philippines
Motto: h
Official languagesEnglish
Governmentconstitutional monarchy
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy
Driving sideright

The Second Philippines is a sovereign democratic republic, bordered on all sides by the city of Warwick, Rhode Island. Its current president is "emperor" Mogabumbu Debungwe, and its vice president is Modatingwe *click-noise* Ochungu. It has a senate comprised of many of the nation's citizens, making it close to a "true democracy". However, despite the president and the senate, there is also god-queen divine-right authoritarian Empress, Her Majesty of all the land and sea, Sherry Phillips I, or "mom" as referred to by many of the citizens of the empire.


The Second Philippines has an anarcho-capitalist-communist economy, and believes in spreading its ideology as widely as possible. The nation has been successful in taking territory in Warwick, Rhode Island, and claims to have taken territory on every continent. "No one's exactly said no" says god-empress Sherry. It also runs the following governments as satellite nations: The People's Republic of Sri Lanka, Tuvalu, The Principality of Monaco, and The Philippines.

System of Government

The Second Philippines is a theocratic constitutional monarchy with democratic elements, so long as the queen allows it.

Motto: "h"



It is unsure when the nation was founded, but traces of its existence date back to the year -1763. The Second Philippines claims responsibility for the assassination of John F. Kennedy, 1963.