Socialist Revolutionary Party of Uniland

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The Socialist Revolutionary Party of Uniland
General-SecretaryJack Porter
Founded15 May 2018
(2031 days)
Membership (2020)5
Unilandian Nationalism
Political positionLeft Wing
Colours  Red
People's Parliament
5 / 5

The Socialist Revolutionary Party of Uniland also known as the SRPU is the sole legal and current ruling party of The Republic of Uniland. The Party is responsible for all decisions in government as The Republic of Uniland is a One-Party State. The Leader of the party the General-Secretary also holds the position of Premier. The Deputy Premier holds the position of Deputy General-Secretary. Elections are held every five years to elect both the General-Secretary and the Premier. The Party also exercises complete control over the Armed Forces of Uniland through the Ministry of Defence Uniland. The power the party holds in the nation is comparable to the former Communist Party of The Soviet Union and the current Chinese Communist Party.