Union of the Northern Alliance

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Union of the Northern Alliance
Motto: "You take on one of us, you take on all of us""
Official languagesKaetan, Kaetan English, Kaetan Latin, Icelandic, Arazanian Kaetan, Sprinske
• Founder
Principality of Kaetania
• Co-Founder
Arazanian Republic
Semi-International Union
• Founded
04 April 2022

The Union of the Northern Alliance, or more commonly known as the Northern Alliance or the NA, is a Northern Hemisphere-based alliance. They will accept all micronation located or mostly located in the Northern Hemisphere. Any micronation that is located in the Southern Hemisphere or is in both but more in the S. Hemisphere will not have eligibility to join.

The Northern Alliance was founded by Prince Reece l of the Principality of Kaetania after the creation of the Arazanian Republic and the now-defunct Republic of Casanu. The NA was originally only for North American Micronations, but once the Treaty of Xeno was signed and the Great Empire of Gamerland requested admission to the NA, the rules were changed and all Northern Hemisphere micronations were eligible for admission. That caused the NA to be both an Alliance and a Union.

The Union is ruled by a Senate. The Administrators are the highest, and decide and review everything. The Members are next, and they can send ideas to the Administrators and also participate in a alliance-wide vote. Then there are the non-member observer states, which are for protectorates and nations that do not reside within the Northern Hemisphere.

To join The Union of the Northern Alliance, message Prince Reece I and he will discuss the admission with the alliance-wide vote.

Fun Fact: NA Nations are also called "NA-tions" (pronounced: N-A-shuns)

Rules and Benefits

Like other unions, the Northern Alliance has it's own rules and benefits for joining.


1. NA states are not allowed to declare war on each other or any other form of battle.

2. NA states are allowed to relocate, but if they relocate outside of the N. Hemisphere they will be demoted to a Non-Member Observer (however, there are some exceptions).

3. NA states must recognize all members (except for observers unless they would like to).

4. When deciding to recognize a new nation, someone must hold a vote—Administrator or not.

5. NA states must be willing to support their fellow members.


  • You have more nations to help you
  • You will get more recognition
  • You will receive protection and aid
  • "If you mess with one of us, you take on all of us." -Prince Reece I (to nations that declare war on one of us)




Non-Member Observers

Member Flags

Recognized Micronations

A list of Micronations recognized by the Northern Alliance: