Wellmoorean Insurgency/Crisis

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The Wellmoorean Insurgency/Crisis
Date30 June 2021 - 2 July 2021
Status Ended, Loyalist Victory
Wellmoorean Loyalists The English Insurgents
Commanders and leaders

King Luke

Lord Axel, Prime Minister
Insurgent Leader S
Units involved
Armed Forces of Wellmoore The Insurgent Army
5 6
Casualties and losses
0 0

The Wellmoorean Insurgency/Crisis was an uprising in the Kingdom of Wellmoore that took place between 30 June and 2 July 2021.


Luke of Wellmoore was friends with the Insurgent Leader, whom he'd allowed to previously serve as a Cabinet Minister (in the now defunct position of Minister of Entertainment) in the Government of Wellmoore before the Prime Minister was appointed.

On 31 June 2021, King Luke was notified by the Insurgent Leader that he had raised a small insurgent force with a number of Wellmoorean Citizens, Ex-Citizens and Non-Wellmoorean Citizens as well as sending King Luke a list of those involved. He expressed his intent was to overthrow the Monarchy of Wellmoore despite having not been provoked to rebel, despite at this point the Insurgent Leader had renounced his Wellmoorean Citizenship.

Events of the Uprising

1 July 2021

On 1 July 2021 the rebellion fully began. The Insurgent Leader began trying to overthrow the monarch and threatened a Civil War (despite half of the insurgency not having Wellmoorean Citizenship) or a Cold War so King Luke called two members of Armed Forces of Wellmoore, the Prime Minister and a couple of other citizens to arms.

Those on the side of King Luke where named 'The Loyalists'.

At around midday on 1 July, King Luke met with the Insurgent Leader. At this meeting the King managed to get the Insurgent Leader to resign from his position in the Insurgency and unaffiliated himself with it. This left the leader position in the Insurgency available.

King Luke then met with Lord Axel, the Prime Minister of Wellmoore. They decided to use espionage to take down the insurgency (at this point the PM was already working on infiltrating the insurgency).

2 July 2021

The Prime Minister (Axel) managed to take control of the insurgency with the support of a predominant member of the Insurgent Force under the command of the previous leader. Axel then disbanded it, ending the crisis. After the end of the crisis King Luke then hosted the Trial of the original insurgent leader and a group trial of the others involved.

Trial of Insurgents

On 2 July, the original Insurgent Leader was charged with Treason, being found guilty.

All others affiliated with the Insurgency that had citizenship got fired from any jobs (if any held) and some had their citizenship stripped and have been exiled from Wellmoore and permanently banned from entry to the nation. Others where banned from ever being allowed to hold any jobs within the nation. They where all found guilty of Treachery.

Lord Axel on the contrary was not tried, despite formerly holding leadership over the insurgent forces, as he worked on the side of the Loyalists to take down the Insurgency so was never considered an actual insurgent.

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