Tian Abdurrahman

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Tian Abdurahman
Tian Abdurrahman, 2015
Chief of Arkapura
In office
6 January 2014 - 9 September 2019
Predecessor Himself (as Governor of Barakstan)
Successor Office abolished
Federal King of Drastharaya
In office
20 October 2014 - 24 March 2015
Predecessor Office created
Successor Office abolished
President of Indokistan
In office
5 July 2013 - 1 January 2014
Predecessor Mustafa Hakim
Successor Rayhan Haikal
Governor of Barakstan
In office
September 2012 - January 2014
Predecessor Office created
Successor Himself (as Chief of Arkapore)
Member of Indokistani Federal Council
In office
16 September - 3 October 2012
Predecessor Office created
Successor Abdul Rasyid I (as President of Indokistan)
Minister of Overseas Territories
Assumed office
September 2011 - 2012
Prime Minister Mustafa Hakim
Predecessor Office created
Successor Office abolished
Personal information
Born 1 June 1994
w:Indonesia Bandung, Indonesia
Died 9 September 2019(2019-09-09) (aged 25)
Bandung, Indonesia
Resting place Rancaekek, Indonesia
Birth name Fattah Abdurrahman
Citizenship Arkaporean
Nationality Indonesia
Political party Islamic Development Party (2011)
Duck Party (2012)
Independent (2012-2019)
Religion Islam

Tian Abdurrahman (1 June 1994 – 9 September 2019) was an Arkaporean politician who served as the Chief of Arkapore from its establishment in January 2014 until his death on September 2019. Previously, he was an Indokistani citizen serving as Governor for his home state Barakstan since 2012 until 2014, and as Indokistani fifth president from July 2013 until January 2014.

He was one of the most important micronational leaders inside Indonesian micronational community. Tian successfully developed Arkapore to become one of the most advanced and stable micronation inside the sector. Furthermore, Tian was credited by new generation of micronations in Indonesia as the figure that allowed them to access worldwide micronational community and to be included as member of Association of Indonesian Micronations.

Tian was hospitalised in August 2019 of unspecified illness. His death was announced by his family in 9 September 2019.

Early life

Tian was born in Bandung, Indonesia as Fattah, but shortly after renamed as Tian, which means "sky" in Mandarin Chinese. His date of birth was on the same day as the founding day of Indonesian national ideology Pancasila, which he later claimed was the main cause of his strong adherence of Indonesian nationalism, even in his micronational career that promotes independence from macronational politics.

Micronational career

Early career

After establishing Bobodolands Barakstan in 2011, Tian immediately had contact with Indonesian micronational community, which also immediately welcomed Tian and recognizes his micronation. Shortly after establishing Bobodolands, Tian decided to merge his micronation to Indokistan in May 2011, with ministerial position granted to him in September 2011, yet shortly Tian decided to left Indokistan.

Inside Indokistan

He was known to be inconsistently entering and leaving Indokistan, but his longest stay there brings changes to the country before his departure. Inside Indokistan, he ran on various positions in central government beside of his Barakstani governor position. He was the fifth president of Indokistan in 2013 until January 2014.

He first entered Indokistan in 2011 but shortly left. Later, he reentered Indokistan in 2012, together with Abdul Rasyid I to form Federal Republic of Indokistan. In the Federal Republic, he was chosen as Head of Parliament as member of the Federal Council. On that period, he was a consistent opponent of a federal Indokistan, and calls for restoration for unitary Indokistan. Failure on the federation and establishment of Third Republic made him happy, as his hope was fulfilled. He also successfully maintained his position as head of parliament, but it was short because of the Royal Council Rebellion in Al Rasyid Darussalam and collapse of the republic.

After the shock of Abdul Rasyid's departure, he successfully convinced Indokistani citizens for his loyalty by not following Abdul Rasyid's action to secede, and he was praised for his consistency. During the Provisional government period, he remained a supporter for the reform. While other politicians promoted a federal Indokistan during the time of 2013 referendum, he consistently supported an unitary country, in which he then agreed to establish a third option - devolution - as an alternative of unitary state and a federation. He was elected president in June 2013 after his victory in election, and was sworn in as president on July 2013.


In January 2014, President Tian suddenly declared his resignation as Indokistani president, and declared his region as an independent micronation. His decision was overwhelmingly condemned by the central government, yet because of the far distance between the capital Suwarnakarta and Barakstan the central government can do nothing, which helps Tian's secession. Arkapore and Indokistani heated relations was later made worse by his decision to stage a blockade against Indokistani embassy, which ended peacefully, yet hampering Arkaporean attempts on its struggle of recognition.

Founded his country officially as a gerontocracy, Tian was known to contemplating reform to another system of government. Two referenda the political system of Arkapore was set by him in 2014 and 2018, and despite both referenda showed public preference for a republican system of governance, Tian did not announce formation of an Arkaporean republic.

Intermicronational career

Tian Abdurrahman in 2014

Tian was one of the most important figure inside Indonesian sector, because of his experience and his status as one of the pioneer inside the sector, and his staunchly nationalist stance brings a significant influence inside the community. He also consistently active in the Association of Indonesian Micronations, becoming the main executive officer during Arkaporean term as chairman in 2016 and 2018-2019. In the past, Tian was also active in the Micronational Association of Southeast Asia and Union of Islamic Micronations until the disbandment of the organisation.


Tian passed away in 9 September 2019 after being hospitalised on unspecified illness since August 2019. The information was known when his family and relatives expressed their condolences on his personal Facebook page. The news was initially dismissed as untrue, especially by those of the Association of Indonesian Micronations, despite of the unusually long absence of the normally-active Tian from the community. Direct contact made by Anthony Thomas of Excellent with his family later affirmed the news about his death to the community.

Indonesian micronationalists immediately expressed their condolences on Tian's death. Pejaten celebrated Tian's death as a fortunate and ordered the national flag to be flown in half-mast. Association of Indonesian Micronations also published an official statement on the death of Tian, further passing the news to the wider micronational community. His colleagues also set his Talk page as a memorial, and was packed by micronationalists expressed their condolences and wrote their eulogies there.


Tian was praised on his activism in Indonesian sector, including his active participation to discover new Indonesian micronations and potential members for AIM. Falalian and Litanian heads of state both expressed their gratitude on Tian for encountering them, thus allowing them to become member of AIM and be engaged in worldwide micronational community.

Tian received posthumous honorary award of the Dime Micronationalist of the Month, a monthly award granted by Prince Zabëlle I of New Eiffel in September 2019. Tian was also posthumously bestowed Kartika Eka Paksi Second Class Order from Litanian King Muhammad I Azka in October 2019, granting him the title of "Tuanku".

Personal life

He was known to be very proud on his Sundanese ethnicity, reflected on Arkaporean perpetual Sundanese cultural influence thanks to his policy of Sundanisation. Beside of his native Sundanese, he spoke a fluent Indonesian and was studying English and Javanese.

He enrolled in accounting class in one private college in Bandung, Indonesia, since 2016 until his death in 2019. He was the chair of an English Club on the college for a period, and was known to actively promoting English study on his community.

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